the very modest graduate


marty graduated from college.
it was the last thing on the agenda for june.
saving the best for last, at it’s very best.

being the very very modest person that he is, he hadn’t
made a big deal out of this at all.
but this is a big deal. it’s a giant deal.
…no one HAS to go to college to get a degree.
but he did.
and not only did he just commit to doing this, he stayed
committed to finishing even while working full time.
at one point, he was working two jobs at the same time while
finishing up. this is the biggest deal.

the pride our families felt yesterday was overwhelming
and emotions were running high. it was a beautiful day,
and it was really wonderful to celebrate him + his accomplishments.
i absolutely adored watching his parents beam with pride…

marty spends a lot of time encouraging me and my dreams
and trying to always be a reminder to me of what i’m capable of.
a few days ago, i realized that i don’t spend enough time doing that
for him. he’s always so surefooted and steady. at least that’s the vibe
he puts out into the world, and i guess i forget that sometimes he probably needs
a bit of that encouragement too. if ever he is panicking, no one would ever
know. there is nothing in this world that he can’t do or problem he can’t solve
+ he proves that regularly. i am so proud to be marrying a man of this caliber, and
i will never forget this day as long as i live.


your modesty is endearing. it’s one of the things i love most
about you. may you always know how proud i am to be the girl
you chose, and may you always know what a wonderful human
being that you are. may you know that i admire you + feel lucky
to have your influence in my life. and may you always know
how loved you are + how much pride you bring to the people
in your life.

congratulations to YOU, my love!


…to the moon + back, my love!

cheers to you!


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