[the proposal]

…he walked into the bathroom while i was blowdrying my hair
and said, “hey babe, date night on wednesday?” and just like
every other time he asks this question, i flash an excited smile
and said yes. i then proceed to do probably the most girly thing
i do, which is immediately think about what i’ll wear + where we’ll go,
it’s kinda ridiculous.

over the course of the past year, these invitations to date night
have at some point or another lead me to wonder if
they would be the night.
…it was the last one we went on that i had this feeling it was
going to happen, and when it didn’t, i promised myself that
i wouldn’t let my mind go there so intensely again.

wednesday came + we still hadn’t picked a place to eat so
when his mom called and invited us to his dad’s birthday
dinner, it was easy to discard all thoughts of an engagement.
we had an amazing dinner filled with ann arbor’s best food,
great conversation,
the perfect red wine,
and two spoons to split dessert
with vicky.

nothing out of the ordinary was happening so i was
completely immersed in everything that was going on.
…we parted ways with his parents + headed over to our
favorite local ann arbor bar, Bab’s…

this place is where our love story started.
pomegranate martinis + miller high life-s,
and an obscene amount of dollar bills
fed into the vintage photobooth.

we had an awesome group of friends and for a couple
years, i know that every single one of us felt like
ann arbor was our town. looking back on that time
today, gives me butterflies. we were on top of the world,
and we were living + falling in love with the right people,
the wrong people, and we were just…happy.
every saturday night resulted in hundreds of photos,
brutal hangovers + endless moments of overanalyzing
the actions of these boys we were crushing on.

and now that i’m thinking about it,
i think it really was our town.
and it was our time.

whoa, let’s get back on track shall we?
i could get lost in those first two years all day given the chance.

…we walk into Bab’s that wednesday night,
just a couple people at the bar + one of marty’s best
friends behind the bar…just as it was five years ago.
the only difference being that josh will now get his phone
out and excitedly show us photos of his beautiful daughter + tell
us how happy he is. …and we can never get enough of that.
my pomegranate martini has evolved to a glass of red
wine + marty has a high life. it was perfect.

i say, “babe, we haven’t done a photobooth since we’ve been back
in ann arbor,” and he grabs four dollar bills out of his pocket
and we head over to the corner of the bar where we spent
so much of the beginning of us at.
in our true photobooth fashion, we start discussing what we’re
going to do for each frame and we end up deciding to just wing it.

first frame,
ridiculous faces because that’s how we roll.

second frame,
marty is now on one knee…
he tells me not to scream as he pulls out a box
and i am praying that this isn’t a joke.
[marty has been known to jokingly get down on one knee
in random public places just to get a rise out of me! so cruel!]

third frame,
he opens the box.
i am now staring at the most perfect diamond ring
i’ve ever seen in my life. i begin to feel myself starting to cry.
he tells me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me,
and that these past fives years have been the best of his life.

fourth frame,
he asks me to marry him.
i begin to realize that i am in the middle of a moment
that i’ve been waiting for my whole life.
this is real.
this enormous moment in a woman’s life is happening
to ME.
right now.

the best photobooth of the hundreds that we have taken together
is complete, and i am saying “YES!”
that little word, yes
it will never be ordinary to me again.


the ring was his grandmother’s, and i feel so insanely honored
to be wearing it. i have always loved antiques + heirlooms.
i love that they have a history and a story. i love that they  have
seen another time. and i love that i get to continue the journey,
and especially because i’ll be able to pass it down to one of our babies

i get to marry the man of my dreams on June 7 of next year,
and nothing could make me happier. never in my wildest dreams
did i imagine that i’d ever find someone so warm + kind.
someone who accepted me as i am.
loves me for who i am in all of my crazy glory.
i am undoubtedly the luckiest girl on planet earth to be
marrying him. my face is still sore from smiling so much,
and i seriously lose hours each day just staring at this ring.

and so, that completes the story of our engagement.
onwards to planning this wedding!
i plan to document the entire process via a wedding blog +
instagram to share with everyone as we go through this.

we created our first draft guest list this morning and
we are already incredibly excited about who WE want to share
this day with us. and we hope that the people who will be there,
will know that their presence means more to us than just
being a name on a list. you have been on this journey
with us for five years and have played significant roles in
our lives + that we love you dearly.

my love,

thank you for staying true to who we are as a couple.
you kept it simple, timeless + real and i couldn’t have
planned a better proposal if i tried.
you amaze me everyday, and i cannot wait to become
your mrs.
i’ll never know why i got so lucky to have you walk into my life,
but i do know that i’ll be spending the rest of it
thanking my lucky stars that you are mine.
…and i promise i will keep my baby talk to a minimum!

…and may the force of love be with us through this wedding planning journey.




6 thoughts on “[the proposal]

  1. I am just a follower of your blog, and have been for sometime now. I believe that you really have found the perfect person for you. I love that you guys have been faced with some serious obstacles but you still chose each other. I can feel the love between you guys just through your words on your blog. You guys are in this forever, and I can’t wait to read your wedding blog about this process! It’ll probably become viral! Congrats to you and your better half! May you have a long + loving life together filled with stories, babies and happiness!

  2. Oh good gracious, Britt! Congratulations to you both! Such a wonderful story that you have begun and will continue to write. <3

  3. the love between you and marty is extraordinary. if you don’t know that, then let the response your engagement alone got be the reminder. i love that you share the downs and struggles with the world, because love is hard. people think that love is easy and perfect and they have a warped view of what love is. i know you struggled a few months ago with wondering if you shared too much, but please don’t ever stop sharing. your beautiful writing and honesty can serve as a reminder to those who are looking for what, of whats important.

    i am so happy for you that you found this incredible love and that you have this bright future together. i am sure you have seen this since you photograph weddings all the time, but they do this special dance with all of the married couples who have been together and they slowly ask couples at certain anniversaries to leave the dance floor and ultimately end up with the longest married couple and everytime i’ve witnessed it in the past year or so, i have thought about you and your now fiancé being one of those last standing couples after 50 years of marriage. you two are a shining example of what true love is, and i can’t wait to see where your love story goes from this point forward. congrats on your engagement and best wishes to you both!

  4. Oh my! I knew from the moment you posted you were engaged that this would be the best blog ever and I was correct. I rarely comment but always like everything you do. I wait in anticipation for the next sneak peak and always tear up no matter what blog I read. You have such an incredible way of documenting anything in anybody’s life and it was no different when it came to yourself. Props to Marty for such a remarkable proposal. I’ve been showing all my friends the photo booth picture because it is absolutely genius, not to mention the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. While I wait for my own fairytale to come true I will live vicariously live through you because what you two have is the definition of love. Congratulations!!

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