i am in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

it’s exactly how i remember it from living here when I was younger, only better…

I spent the entire day eating:

breakfast panini
fish & chips
the best chinese I ever had
fruit tart
cinnamon roll
3 Cappuccinos
1 Guinness
a donut
fresh bruschetta

and it’s only 5pm.

next up: dinner {already excited}

I walked my heart out today. I took the bus to Chinatown and I’ve been walking ever since. I even walked to the Bay Bridge and went to Pier 1 and Pier 2 on the bay and I took a silly nap. a silly nap is when you rest your eyes and you look like you’re asleep but you’re listening to all of the sounds happening around you. I like those.
This is such an eclectic city. the people are real and lack Midwest superficiality that you find in Chicago {yeah, i said it.} No one cares….I saw a man dressed in a tutu with a panda bear hat on and a pink sweater and no one even gave him a second look {except for the guy rocking a Devin Hester jersey! go figure} They move at a comfortable swift pace through the streets and they are courteous and friendly. On multiple occasions, I even saw people WITHOUT ear buds or blue tooths in their ears just walking and smiling. The older people are vibrant and seem youthful.

Do people not age in this state?

The fashion is incredible. I have zero fashion sense for myself but I am a sucker for everything it stands for and I am constantly checking people out and admiring their threads.

I can’t believe it’s taken me 17 years to get back here. Especially because my oldest and best friend is here. This is where we met!

…and she is just exquisite. I’ve always known she was special but seeing where she lives, how she lives and seeing what a strong woman she’s become has been the best part of this trip thus far. When we met we were frumpy little girls wearing Gap Kids clothes and braces. When we moved from San Francisco back to Chicago, Chrissy and I would write letters to each other to stay in touch. By a stroke of insane luck, her Mom actually lived two towns over from where we moved in Chicago so anytime she came to visit her Mom, we got to hangout. And here we are, 17 years later and we never miss a beat. I’m in awe of her beauty, her strength and her impeccable taste in just about everything. {she has little things/pieces of
art all over her room and I love it.}

Oh, and she has a Tempurpedic bed that literally hugs you while you sleep. WINNING!

…now, I just need to get
Marty here so he can fall in love too.

we can walk a bit slower.
breathe a little easier.
and we can live happily ever after.


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