a walk on the wild side.

i am not quite sure how my 27th birthday got here so fast.

i’ll tell you what though…i have been dreading this birthday since
i turned 25. it’s not because i feel like i’m getting old.
it’s not because i think 27 is old.
it just doesn’t sound right. saying, “i’m 27” feels wrong.
i think it’s ANOTHER thing that goes back to feeling like
i need more time.

…but tomorrow, i am starting my 27th year off on the
right foot! i will be waking up in ann arbor {oh my godddd!!!}
and the first thing that i am doing is booking a flight to
san francisco and buying my ticket to the final show
of the dave matthews band 2012 tour.

i’m tired of NOT doing things.
it’s not living.
do we need to work? of course.
do we need to save? yes.
do we need to watch what we spend? absolutely.
but we need to live!
we. need. to. live.
…and we haven’t been doing enough of that. Well,
i can’t speak for Marty, but i have not lived enough.

there is only one thing in this world that we can’t get back….

we cannot get back time.
we can’t rewind.
we can only wish we would have done something
when we had the chance to do it.
…and uh, that kinda sorta blows.

it’s time to wish less, and do more.
take the chances to do the things that give your life meaning.
surround yourself with people who give your life meaning.
have experiences that change you.
set huge goals.
ask for less | listen more.
give more.

my gift to myself for my 27th year of life, is
the permission to walk on the wild side for awhile.

i’ll have also accomplished being smoke free
for 6 months tomorrow.
awesome sauce.

…oh, the things that will be.
that will change.
that will grow.
l o v e

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