Dear Martylicious,

This comes three days early, but you know me…
I can’t hold these thoughts in.
Not to mention that we’re so busy these days
that we don’t even get to spend our anniversary together!

The past four years have been magical.
m a g i c a l.

They’ve also been incredible
perfectly imperfect
ass kicking
flawlessly flawed
soul changing
heart stopping
life changing

I dreamt about who we were when we first met
last night, which is what sparked me to do this today
and not on Saturday.

For those of you who don’t know, Marty and I wanted nothing
to do with being in a relationship when we were introduced
about 4 and half years ago or so.
I had just gotten out of a train wreck of a relationship,
and he was living his single bachelor life at 3055 Signature Blvd,
making all the ladies swoon…
My first thought was, how the hell am I going to introduce a bartender
with a mohawk to my father? My Dad has been known
to chew up boyfriends and spit them back out a time or two.
We both put our best not interested foot forward but
it was already a done deal. The stars had aligned, we just
weren’t ready to accept it yet.
I knew instantly that I could love you.
He had not a single enemy {still rings true} and I loved
that about him…it was something foreign to me.
Being outspoken and having no filter is a cocktail
for confrontation. I’d had an enemy or two, ha.
What really sealed the deal was when his roommate
mentioned that Marty was an Eagle Scout. I didn’t believe him.
He had an Eagle Scout card to prove it.
That spoke volumes to me.
1. He finishes what he starts
2. He is dedicated
3. He could start a fire without matches or a lighter
4. He could keep us alive if we were ever stranded
in the jungle, or a desert.
Need I have anymore reasons? Winning!

I then thought about how the name Martylicious caught on like wildfire
among all of my girlfriends. Most of them still call you
that and it makes my heart so happy.

I remember when you pretended like you were going
to kiss me {before we even had our first kiss} and
I puckered up for it!
I’ve got no shame in my game, I wanted to kiss you
from the moment I got a text from you after I left my #
with Josh to give to you!

Then I thought about the first time you
met the boys and how Todd basically knew that I was
full of crap about not wanting to be with you.
…and then how much they all loved you.

Or how my entire family loved you instantly.

Then I thought about how everyone bugged us for months to
just finally admit that we were in love and wanted
to be together and how excited everyone was
when we changed our statuses on Facebook.
I wonder what they’ll all say someday when we’re engaged?
Will they be as excited as they were when we started dating?
{i think we know the answer!}

Then I thought of you taking me to my first
Michigan Football tailgate.
You created a Michigan Football monster.

…and how you’d let me decorate your mohawk for all of the holidays.
or our hundreds of photobooth strips we have with each other,

or those pomegranate martinis….

I remember the nights that we’d talk until the sun came up.
I remember our first kiss in front of 3055, and getting into my car
and blasting “I wanna dance with somebody,” but begging my
heart not to fall in love with you.
…and knowing I didn’t stand a chance.

Remember when we went through our wig phase?
Poor Steve…we got him so good.
Is that a new haircut? I love it!
I still think you look amazing with a Rod Stewart wig.

What about when we brought home Heidi & Sammi
from the humane society?
People like us should never be allowed there.

Swimming with dolphins in Miami for our first anniversary.
…and not remembering what we did for our 2nd or 3rd.

I remember the first time you told me you loved me…
It was real, and it was sweet.
I wanted to scream it back from the rooftop.

I remember when we chose our song…
you flipped to one I had on a CD in the car and
I was kinda bummed but it was still kinda cute..but once the lyrics
started you realized you picked the wrong one…and you flipped
to the next one and it was Secondhand Serenade and
my heart nearly exploded.
It was made for us, I know it.

Do you remember walking down Main Street when we decided
that holding pinkies was less relationship-like than holding
hands? We’ve been pinky holders this whole time until recently.
…i love holding your hand now.

I remember our first date and the crazy snow storm
we were driving in.

It was my first Smorgasbord when I was first
able to imagine the rest of my life with you.
I think that’s why I love it more than any other holiday…
well, those meatballs don’t hurt either.
It sure isn’t the Aquavit!

Okay, so do you remember BEFORE we moved in together, that
we exchanged house keys?? ha!
That was such a big deal to us, and that warms my heart.
What was it, a year after we met?
I still have the keychain you had made for the key at Things Remembered.
Mine for you was a photo keychain! {go figure!}
It was so old school of us to exchange keys to our own
separate places. I love us.

I love remembering the times I’d go out
with the boys and that made you more comfortable than when
you knew I was out with the girls.
…You knew that I’d be safe with them and you trusted them.

I remember the day that we decided that we were moving
to Chicago so I could go back to school.
You dropped everything you’d known and came here with me.
There was no Chicago if you weren’t on board.
..And now my life is forever changed thanks to you.
There isn’t enough time left in my life to thank you enough for that.
I think you realized my dream much earlier on than I did, and
because of your undying support, it’s happening.
Every single day, it’s happening.

I think about the challenges we’ve faced in our 3rd year and how
there were times when we were buried, beaten and broken.
…all of the instances when we had a choice to either
go our own separate ways or recommit to each other.
We’ve experienced so much as a couple, things that
other couples could never survive. The difference between us & them
is that we know how valuable our relationship is.
We savored each step along the way.
Soaking in our first encounter.
Our first kiss.
Our first date.
…our first everything.
We moved at the right pace.
Our own pace.
And we’re still doing it today.



You are the man of my dreams.
You are the most amazing guy on the planet
and I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering how on earth
I was lucky enough to find you {and not scare you off!}
Lord knows there are a million reasons for you to run for the hills!

I am thrilled to find out what it’s in store for the rest of our lives.
Thank you for spending the past 4 years proving that
the good guys do exist.
Thank you,
for keeping me sane.
for being a wonderful Uncle to Cammi.
for protecting me.
for teaching me how to snowboard.
for going above and beyond for us.
for the times you put me before yourself.
for taking care of me.
for opening my eyes to new things.
for putting up with me.
for knowing all of carrie bradshaw’s boyfriends in SATC.
for not judging me for watching every single episode repeatedly.
for killing spiders that i can’t reach.
for never giving up on me.
for liking me even when i’m grumpy.
for letting me be who i am.
for letting me sing even though i am AWFUL.
for doing the laundry and dishes for 2 years straight.
for pushing me.
for saying yes a lot more than you say no.
for loving me.
for loving my friends.
for knowing that feeding me will cure a bad mood.
for supporting my decisions.
for loving your family. a lot.
for introducing me to Michigan Football and the NFL.
for giving me good advice in Fantasy Football even though we’re competitors.
for always being the devils advocate, even when it pisses me off.
for being a reality check.
for knowing which way North, South, East and West is.
for staying calm while i panic.
for being my rock.

You’re the love of my life.

Happy {early} 4 year Anniversary, Martylicious.

Love you, mean it



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