Discouraged Boulevard | Optimistic Avenue

Sometimes it’s really difficult to watch others
around us do things that we can’t even dream of doing right now…
buying a new car, buying a home, going on fancy
vacations, buying new cameras/gear, buying anything and everything
they want and never having it phase them or their bank accounts.
{then there are the people who have this luxury, and don’t
take it for granted…and we LOVE those people!}

Marty & I live paycheck to paycheck.
We probably will for awhile.
I am learning to love it.
Especially as of late.
Because when I take a step back and look at the big picture,
{forgive the coming cliches}
we’re already filthy rich with things that have ZERO
monetary value.
I’d rather be rich in happiness.
in culture.
in travel.
in success.
in knowledge.
in skill.
in memories.
in love.

Legacies are more about the story of how you got from
Point A to Point B, and less about your net worth.

Things have come up recently that sent my thoughts lagging
down Discouraged Boulevard.
I made a hard left when I should have continued down Optimism Avenue.
{i’ve always been directionally challenged}

We have a relationship that proves everyday that it has what
it takes to stand the test of time.
We both do exactly what we love every single day
and make a living doing it!
We eat well and often.
We see the world, a little at a time.
Our conversations have substance.
We make each other better people everyday.
We are a love story.
We’ve been down.
We’ve been up.
We’ve been waaaaaaaaaay down.
We never know what to expect when we wake up,
and who doesn’t love surprises? {except me!}
Everyday is an adventure and I’ve been having the
time of my life.

No one is interested in a story that’s easy.

We are catastrophe & good fortune mixed
with hard work and blessings.


side note: the protestors in Chicago for the NATO Summit disgust me.
They have all these values and opinions on what’s best for
the people in our country and around the world, yet they throw
feces and urine at bystanders, public figures and police officers.
Those animals need to learn how to respect people.
What do you really stand for if you have zero respect for other people?
You disgust me, and put shame on this country.

[time out]

She makes the few negative things above
cease to exist. Look at her smile!
Right before this, she looked through the window at the front
door and said “Aunt Bee!”
She is a bonus to our lives, even though she is still
making Uncle Marty fight for her affection.
She is giving him hugs & kisses now though, {melting heart.}
You know what,
I’ll end with her, because she can’t be topped.
I like to sign off on a good note, and it doesn’t get better than this.


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