Roses are red, violets are blue, pretty little Cammi just turned TWO!

Two years ago at 11:07pm you finally made
your appearance into the world.

{2 years and 9 months earlier}

…Once your Mommy & Daddy were married, all bets were off.
I was that annoying family member that everyone hates
because all they talk about is when people
are going to have babies.
I remember the day I found out that I was
going to be your Aunt like it was yesterday.
I remember the smell in the air, how it was overcast that day,
and that feeling of summer coming to end was in
the back of my mind.
I was with the boys & Uncle Marty at Toddy’s old house.
(one day, you’ll meet these incredibly special people)
We had just got done
playing whiffle ball when your Daddy called.
I screamed, I cried and within seconds I was
already head over heels for you.
Literally, seconds.
My heart was literally bursting at the seems.
Now, there is a little something you should know…
I had my heart set on a nephew.
As you get older, you’ll realize that this is just because
your Aunt Bee gets along with guys much better than
she gets along with girls.
Someday you’ll know why, and I have an inkling that
you’re going to feel the same way someday just based
on your personality.
Anyhow, I am not good with pink or frilly things so
naturally when I found out that you were a girl, I was terrified.
What was I going to do when you got older
and wanted to play dress up with your Aunt Bee or play with Barbies?
I also wasn’t thrilled about buying girl clothes for you.

My my my, how my world has shifted…
Once you finally graced us with your presence
with your pouty lips and blue eyes,  you basically
sealed my fate as an Aunt who would do just about anything if
it meant that it would make you smile…even dressing up,
playing with barbies, and buying pink & purple everything.
Once you were here, nothing mattered. I wouldn’t
have it any other way!

I do have a bone to pick with you though…
You are currently in a phase that I just cannot condone in any way
shape or form. His name is Elmo.

Aunt Bee doesn’t like Elmo.
The only good characters of Sesame Street
are as follows:
Bert & Ernie
the Cookie Monster.
When you’re older, you will realize that Elmo is lame
and that his voice is irritating.
Elmo always steals the show for the younger viewers because
he’s red and has that ridiculous laugh.
One day, I’ll introduce you to Sailor Moon.

watching you grow up has been the coolest experience
of my life. Your laugh is infectious.
Your smile melts my heart.
Your kisses are still a little  slobbery but your
hugs are the best in the world.
I love the way you talk and how smart you are.
I love that you dance and love music.
I love when you pout even though it breaks my heart.
I love the way you say Uncle Marty’s name,
The way you say Mommy’s name is awesome too…
I couldn’t even attempt to spell it out.
I love your Eskimo kisses & your wispy hair.
I love being your Godmother and your Aunt.
Oh, and I love the way you say Hot Sauce and
that you love the Chicago Bulls intro.
I love that you look like a Majka, but have the heart
of your Mommy.
You are the coolest kid, ever.
I love you, Peanut.
Happy 2nd Birthday to you!


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