gone are the days of…

Brookey & I sitting around having all the time in
the world to talk about anything we wanted to.
Because now a perfect baby boy and a busy business has
been added to the equation.
B + B = L O V E
and now it’s
B + Roman + B + BAMphoto = yowsas

Our chats remain consistent only because we text.
…it keeps us from forgetting where we left off.
We text all day long, but our face to face talks are what I
like to call, interrupted chats.
Between Roman and my email, it’s seriously difficult
to start AND finish a conversation.
But I love it.
Because we’re doing these enormous things together.
One by one, we are checking things off of our long lists
of things to do in our lives, and all along we’re both there
to watch each other do it. It’s the best.

The other night, I felt like we were transported back into time…
She came over to Marty’s parents house to do my hair.
No Roman in tote.
The only thing happening on my phone was music.
Afterwards, we just curled up on the most comfy bed ever
and we talked about our boys, baby names, gave Marty’s mom some
tips on how to add volume to her hair, gossiped,
discussed who and what belonged in our lives or didn’t…just life things.

It wasn’t until she pulled out of the driveway that I realized how
lucky we were. How lucky we ARE.
Some people go their entire life and never
have that one person.
One person that you can share ANYTHING with.
We can share our scariest and darkest secrets.
We share our biggest and happiest secrets.
Things that no one else would understand, we get.
We know how to take care of each other and we know
how to keep each other in check.
She inspires me everyday.
She loves me even when I’m being a complete lunatic.
She understands why I’m being a lunatic.
She is my biggest cheerleader.
I’m hers.

When she pulled out of the driveway the other night and left,
what I really realized is how much has changed.
…gone are the days of simple and complete conversations.
I forgot how amazing and therapeutic it is to have
just her and I in a room chatting.
No babies.
No emails.
Just our thoughts.
Our memories.
Our stories.
…and our teeny tiny judgements of the people we don’t care for.
{don’t sit there judging us for judging others when you know you do it too.}

So, here’s to our juicy past,
our tender present,
and our amazeballs future.

…to the moon & back, B.

{Who would have thought we’d go from enemies to
not being able to live without each other?}


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