My work can’t be defined, but my cat can.

Photography isn’t just my job.
It’s isn’t just the way in which I pay my bills.
It isn’t something I decided to do a few years ago on a whim.
It isn’t just a hobby.
It’s everything.
It’s something I’ve loved since I can remember.
My allowance every week paid for a disposable camera
and the $7 it would cost to develop the photos.
My Walgreen’s information still dates all the way back
to the late 90’s when it all began.
Phone number and address are still my parents house.

What I love most about photography and my choice to jump
into my passion head first 8 years ago,
was quite simple:

It never ends.
It’s constantly changing and evolving.
There is no limit to what you can learn.
No end to your growth as a photographer.
No one single way to take a photograph.
I started thinking about this in depth a few weeks ago when
I considered changing my logo font.
People were not fond of the idea.
So I changed it anyway. And I will continue to change it.
Because I want everything that I do to reflect the very thing
I love about what I’m doing.
I want my work to reflect my own personal growth.
I don’t have to be locked into a logo.
Or a style.
Or a website layout.
Or who my inspiration is.

I’m always changing and evolving, and therefore
my work will always change and evolve.
My downtime is spent researching and learning.
Picking up new techniques, forcing myself to learn Photoshop even
though I hate it passionately.
I’m getting to know other photographers and learning from
them, and being more open to letting them learn from me.

My work cannot be defined, because I cannot be defined.
My heart chose photography long before my head did.

We have four cats under this roof.
It’s a feline nightmare.
And basically, this is what’s been going on…
We have:

Misty & Addison who are Christy’s cats
Heidi and Sammi who are ours.

It all began with
Misty and Sammi battling it out.
(Sammi thinks she’s too good for photos so this is the best I got)and Addison against Heidi.

Well, as of late, the battles have changed and the
tables have turned.
Sammi, has become the bully.
I am serious.
I caught her staring down Addison at the food bowl
this morning, and when Addison didn’t leave, Sammi
scratched her!
Sammi is the Mufasa of this household, only she is mean.
As if human bullying isn’t enough to think about,
we have to throw feline bullying into the mix.
Marty said the other day,
“If the cats had lunch money, they’d be
giving it all to Sammi.”

So, this is the current situation:


It’s Sammi against everyone. And not even
all three of them together can scare Sammi.
She must have picked up this behavior at the
Humane Society before we adopted her, because
Marty & I raised her better than this!

I believe that the cure for this problem is an inFURvention
by none other than Ellen DeGeneres.
Ha, inFURvention. Can’t even believe I went there.

but really, bullying is not cool…
people on people.
cats on cats.


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