home, love & rants.

I’m still a little giddy from the weekend I had in the mitten.
God, I miss it.
Two years ago, I was dying to get as far away from there as possible.
At one point, I felt like Michigan was going to suck the life out of me.
Now, I can’t get enough.
The weekends go by way too fast.
My eyes water and my heart swells on the mornings of my departure.
Perhaps they’re right after all,
you never know what you have until it’s gone.

I got small doses of so many things that I love about Michigan this weekend.
…so many things i love about home.

I am grateful that we left the mitten though, because I’m not
so sure that I’d really be able to see how lucky I am to
have the people, things and places like I can now.
Going home has become a sacred thing.
I only spend time with the best people.
I only go to my favorite places.
Eat my favorite foods…or try new ones.
I’m a believer in not only weeding your gardens,
but weeding your life too.
I’d like to hire someone to weed my garden though, I hatehatehate
gardening. Well, I guess weeding my life is no fun either.
Now Hiring:
Life & Garden Weeder
will pay w. photographs

Marty & I are still recovering.
It’s rough.
When you’ve been with someone for four years and you
finally hit a real bump in the road that isn’t bickering or finances,
it can throw you for a loop.
We don’t know what we’re doing, so we’re just taking it day by day.
We went on an impromptu date last night.
We went to Machu Picchu.
It’s one of my favorite restaurants in the city.
It’s Peruvian. Delicious.
And the leftovers for tomorrow are just as good.

There was some leftover tension between us, but I don’t
feel as though that’s unusual given what we just went through.
It’s hard to transition from forgetting to give your relationship
the TLC it needs, to trying to get back into that.
It did feel good to throw on a skirt, tease my hair and go out with
Marty though. It felt good to be noticed by him too…and to notice him right back.
I’ve always respected people who have been in relationships of 10+ years, but
I have a whole new respect for them.
And I know that Marty & I are strong enough to get over this hump.
…one of the reasons I know that, is because everyone
else reminds us on a regular basis about great we are.
You can’t deny those odds, ha!

love your loved ones.
appreciate what they do…and tell them.
encourage them.
hold hands.

Great relationships don’t just last.
You have to fight for them.
I’ll never stop fighting for mine.
{love you, mean it}

this guy was hanging from the ceiling at Dairy Queen last night.

Current Rant:

Meaningful Beauty.
Ever heard of this company?
They had a commercial on the other night….
it featured Cindy Crawford and how she defied aging.
It was in this moment when I thought, how old is Cindy Crawford now?
And then I thought, to be in this commercial she must be in
her 50’s, right?
She is forty FREAKING three years old.
She hasn’t defied aging.
She isn’t old enough to look aged.
“Old” keeps getting younger and younger and
that makes me sad.
The age that makes me feel preemptive panic is 67.
Why, I have no idea.
I’m still trying to figure out why turning 27 makes
me feel woozy.
I already know why…that’s another blog post.

[End Rant]



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