Choices, Chances & Changes.

I’ve been having an interesting couple of weeks.
I feel like I’ve been in the middle of some weird
transition phase…is there such thing as adult puberty?
It’s very peculiar, really.
I feel like a new chapter has already started, but I’m just starting
to feel comfortable in my new skin.
Why is this peculiar? Mainly because I’m ready to make
some changes, but it’s difficult for the people in my life
to understand them. How could they not be? I’ve been a version
of me for many years, and now I’m in this new phase and
I’m dying to shed that skin and start over.
When my friends or family see me react to something in an
unusual way, it’s understandably misunderstood.
I’m ready to shed the reputation of being a quirky opinionated ball-buster.
I’m ready to embrace the quirky, softer side of me.
I’ve been in so many situations in my life that I feel I was
forced to build this tough outer shell to keep everyone out.
I hate it.
I love that I’ve become a strong woman who
passionately stands for what she believes in, but I want to
let the reins go on that a little bit.
I’ve done some serious growing in the past year…
and I’m just ready to slip into those shoes for awhile.
Or for forever.
Whichever works.
There’s no script for my life, so I can only take everyday as it comes.
I’m accepting the changes.
Taking the chances.
And making the choices.

Ya Dig?

That’s all I got for this week other than some photos….

Happy 175th Birthday, Chicago.

I will welcome my 27th birthday in this dress….

Those damn whiskers of hers…

{so windy in the city yesterday…no, that is not a cigarette in my mouth.
7 weeks, smoke free on Saturday!}

{day dates}

{sometimes, i forget that i’m in the city…and i like it.}

Oh, except that if you’re ever thinking about body surfing,
please understand that it is dangerous and should
be taken very seriously.
A friend of mine & her family are currently experiencing the
recovery of a family member who has been paralyzed due to
a body surfing accident.
Also, please please please send good vibes/prayers/thoughts
out into the atmosphere for this family.

4am creation.
i believe in this cause.
i think we all should.
i especially believe that the people in this country don’t
quite realize how much our voices count.
we don’t have to depend on our leaders to make the changes
we deem necessary…if we all take a stand on issues like this, our voices
DEMAND attention.
this movement is incredible, and should be a lesson to the people
in this country.


3 thoughts on “Choices, Chances & Changes.

  1. Just read through the updates…

    Your mother is something else. Full of admiration of her, and hope for his recovery.

    ….everyday is a gift, and most take it for granted. Thanks for sharing with me. xo

  2. This post allowed me to feel at ease. I’m going through a very similar self-development stage. I’ve been seeing things differently & I seem to be completely open while some around me are more so offended by my changes. I appreciate you more than you know for sharing this piece of you. Best of wishes on your journey!

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