Screw the Pregnant People.

I have never been one to follow the rules or paths that
society has placed on me.
In fact, I have always felt as though I was wired
to reject all of that.
So the first bit of of news that I have will not
shock 80% of you.

I am no longer enrolled at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
And by indefinitely, I mean I will go back when the universe and my soul align again.
While it does irk me to think that I won’t have my bachelor’s degree as soon as I’d hoped,
it irks me even more when I think about putting my
business on the back burner during a time when it’s flourishing every single day.
And THAT is how I made my decision.
Feeling anxious everyday at school last semester only solidified this decision.
I think what I hate most about this decision, maybe the only thing I hate
about this decision is that I never ever want to be portrayed as
someone who can’t finish something that they start.
This isn’t about it being too hard to finish (even though it was by the
far the most difficult challenge I’ve ever accepted)
Or because I don’t feel like finishing.
Or thinking that it’s not important.
It’s quite simple really…
And I don’t feel as though I need to explain any further.
Tell the Hueter’s, check.
Tell the Grandparents, check.
Tell the Majka’s, check.
Tell Mom, check.
Telling each of the above was hard in their own ways.

Telling Marty’s parents was difficult because I want to be sure that they
know that their son is not dating a quitter. I think these kinds of things
can define who we are, and I had to make sure that they understood my intent.
And they did. And I love them for it.

Grandparents. Good god almighty was that difficult.
My Grandmother was far from pleased, but that’s what I love about her.
Her reactions to my decisions keep me from making bad ones.
If I can’t tell her what I’m doing, I shouldn’t be doing it.
But they understood my decision. And I love them for it.

Telling my parents last night was difficult.
I definitely built it up in my mind to be some catastrophic conversation,
but just as the calm, logical and rational inner version of me suspected…they understood.
Would they like me to finish? Of course.
But they all made it very clear that because of what
I’ve done with BAMphoto, that they believe in and support my decision.
…and I love them for that.

As for my friends, I didn’t even worry a bit.
Because they have always supported me.

So that’s that.
…And here’s to the next adventure.
I can’t promise it’ll always be perfect, but hot damn! I can
promise it’ll never be boring.

I’ve been doing some reading. Can’t share just yet WHAT I’ve been
reading, because I’m competing in a vicious photography world out there!
But I’ve been reading something that has been slowly
transforming what I used to think of as portrait and wedding photography.
Everytime I turn the page, it keeps making more and more sense.
I’m getting closer and closer to figuring out how I’d like to leave my mark
on this business.
I’ve got about 9,000 more iPAD Kindle pages left to read.
By the time I’m done w. this book, I’m pretty sure I’ll be experiencing
inspiration overload.
Thank God for Papa Bear & Marty…they can see the kinks in my original
thoughts long before me. Which is why I know that something
big is brewing…it’s just a matter of time.
I seriously get so geeked about this stuff. How ridiculous.
Never in my life did I imagine obsessing over innovation.
Man, that’s a good word….innovation.
I’ll add it to the list of words I love:

You just realized you love them too, didn’t you?
Please do.
Say them out loud.
They are beautiful words, written and spoken.
Okay, maybe Bumble isn’t a beautiful word, but it’s awesome.

Enough about that…I wanna upload some photos damn it!

Oh, but before that…
| Camille Marie Majka |
My niece.
My Goddaughter.
First off, she’s growing way too fast.
But it’s amazing because she is just the most
incredible little girl I’ve ever known.
Without a doubt, my favorite person in the entire world.

I’m just head over heels for her.
Between her & Roman, my heart will always be full.

We left our Lincoln Park Love Shack.

It was a good place.
It was the perfect vintage place we had in mind a year ago.
We didn’t have any time at all to find a place we loved
so we’re shacking up w. Christy & Josh for a bit.
It’s been interesting, but quiet.
It’s usually just me here, everyone else is out w. their real
jobs so I get stuck with the 4 cats.
Yes, you heard that correctly.
4 cats.
4 people.
One condo.
The dining room table is the community closet.
The cats are battling for territory takeover.
2 healthy eaters.
2 fat kids.
1 sober sally.
lots of lint rollers.
4 strong personalities.

I can’t imagine this being anything less than hilarious insanity.

Papa Bear’s beard gives me hope that maybe
he’ll retire someday after all.

This photo right here, scares me.
We were driving out to my brother’s the other day and
we drove a large distance where there was nothing but this
anywhere in sight.
No people. No stores. No gas stations.
No nothing.
This photo will serve as a reminder of what I don’t want.

I usually hate birds.
They bore me a bit.
But this will forever be one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.
It was unexpected. I was just minding my own business,
taking photos of the Gulf and this flock of seagulls
came rushing by. The captured photo was a reflex of my fingers flinching.
It was meant to be.

(the video I took chasing those seagulls the next day was not an accident.)

Every two years {give or take} I get a reminder of what was, what is and what will be.
I hate it.
I love it.
I embrace it.
I reject it.
I will probably spend the rest of my life deciphering it.
It kinda crashes into me.


Second to lastly,

I’d like to dedicate this blog to someone who’s inspired
me to keep pushing the limits and breaking down walls.
Someone who hasn’t ever quit or settled.
Someone I admire and adore.
She (yeah, can you believe that! SHE!) has had
more success in the past couple years than most people dream.
I’ve never seen anyone with the drive that she has,
and I’m pretty sure that everyone who knows her would agree.
She’s gone from running the show at Target in khakis and red to
where she really belongs…running the show at OFF 5th, Saks Fifth Avenue.
She works, and works and works and works.
I’m no longer sure that she’s even human.
Christy, you’re the
and I’m happy that I have another girlfriend at my side
to help take over the world with :)

{random side note: love this look on MartyMart, don’t you?}


The title of the blog.
Full credit goes to none other than JoshuahOlenReed.

Me: Everyone is getting pregnant, wtf?
Josh: F_ _ K the pregnant people!

god love em.


One thought on “Screw the Pregnant People.

  1. You’re so lovely. I love your words and honesty. I do have to say, however, that I love places of “nothing.” I think that cornfield is beautiful! …as long as it doesn’t serve for the next setting of Jeepers Creepers. Cheers to you, Britt! You’ll be happy no matter what you do- remember, it’s all about the journey, not the end.

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