My faith in humanity has been restored.

I prefer to spend as little time as possible on airplanes.
I’ve been this way for years, I am not quite sure how the fear
of flying eased it’s way into my life, but the fear surely exists.

I flew to California this past weekend and was lucky enough to
land a seat next to a remarkable 3rd grader named Lauren.
She & her family were on their way to Mexico.
I popped in my ear buds and began to let music soothe my anxiety…

As soon as the seat belt sign turned off, I got a tap on the shoulder.
I opened my eyes and saw Lauren handing me a note and a colored
pencil to write back with….

{click images to enlarge}

We wrote each other from Chicago to Texas, and by the time we landed
I had completely forgotten that we were 30,000 feet in the air.
So to those who wondered how I managed to fly without having any
anxiety…the answer is simple. Her name is Lauren.

The world needs more people like her.
Sometimes I fear for the future of the world, our country and the future generations.
But knowing that there are kids like Lauren out there, let me know that while
the world can be a scary place, everything is going to be just fine.
Lauren also made me rethink this whole i-don’t-want-to-have-kids idea too.
I loved answering her curious questions, and I found myself hoping that
someday down the road she will reflect on this silent but not so silent conversation.
Maybe something…anything, from this conversation will change her.
It changed me.
Perhaps one day, she’ll have two of her very own goats or maybe she’ll
develop an old soul from listening to Paul McCartney.

I love the idea of being part of shaping a person’s life, even on a minuscule level.
I love the randomness that comes with life.
We wake up everyday with similar expectations for the day, but
we really have no idea what’s ahead. We may walk the same path,
but we don’t know what’s around every corner.
We can be changed in an instant.
It’s really a beautiful thing.

To Lauren,
Thank you for unknowingly distracting me from my fear of flying.
I’ll never forget that plane ride, or you.
You will be a wonderful teacher someday and I hope we stay pen pals
so I can continue to know someone who is part of making the world
a better place.


One thought on “My faith in humanity has been restored.

  1. YOU MADE ME CRY IN FRONT OF A NEW EMPLOYEE!!! There are moments when you’re randomessb & writings restore my faith in life!! I love you Sweetie and someday, you are going to be a really great Mom!!

    Love Mom <3

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