Sitting. Waiting. Wishing.


This is is my first mobile post.
I’m currently at the San Diego airport awaiting my flight. There is a couple sitting near me…he has been staring at me (non-stop) since his girlfriend went to the bathroom. It’s uncomfortable. You know that feeling when you can feel someone’s eyes on you and you can’t help but look to see if they stopped? He hasn’t stopped. I can feel his stare/glare in my peripherals. If my bag wasn’t so heavy, I’d move.


I guess I’m the creep now for taking their photo. Oh well. I think his body language says enough about his creepiness.

Anyways, I’m heading back to Chicago. What I’m really trying to say is that I’m leaving the beautiful state of California where the air is so amazing, and the Vitamin D cures my wintery blues and I am returning to the freezing, snowy, gloomy Chicago. I want to cry when I think about it. If Marty were with me on this trip, mark my words that we wouldn’t have been coming back. I’d pay someone to pack our stuff and ship it here. I’d sublet our apartment quicker than you can say sublet.

I think I needed to come here alone to realize that my want to be in California is more than just loving vacation and hating it when it ends. I belong here. Marty belongs here. I have zero doubt. Marty will hike and backpack his heart out. I will create. And we will live happily ever after in our own west coast life.

Two more winters, summers, springs & falls….and we’ll be packing up a U-Haul and heading west until our toes reach the mighty pacific.

Even my new hair is California approved.


Until then, I’ll be c a l i f o r n i a dreaming.


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