Life In A Day.

I was restless last night.
My body was tired but my mind was not.
So I turned on my Wii Netflix and started browsing through
independent films.
I figured I’d either find one that was boring enough to put me to sleep
or one that would keep me awake but change my perspective.
Pretty good outcome either way, I figured.

I chose “Life in a Day” which was collaboration between
Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald.

I was in noway prepared for this completely
inspirational 90 minute experience.
They requested the world to participate.
They asked that people make a video of their life on the same
day…July 24, 2010.
They then combined all of the video clips they received to create
this mind-blowing documentary.
Some of the clips were of everyday ordinary moments
in a person’s life, and others were of a more profound level.
Each clip leading into another was perfection.
The transitions were flawless.

Pick a 90 minute window of your day to watch this movie.
You’ll find yourself realizing how precious life really is.
And how these little moments we have, are everything.
It all adds up.

Click here to watch.


One thought on “Life In A Day.

  1. You’ve got the most real and beautiful soul. I enjoy very much that you are comfortable enough with yourself to share so much about your struggles, family and relationships. This video you posted is so spot on for people to watch at the beginning of a New Year. Thank you for being honest and so open.

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