Resolution Schmezolution.

My resolution for this year is to have none.
I’ve never stuck to them, so why do I continue to make them?
Instead, I have set goals.
Yes, basically the same thing but with different names.
I am programmed to immediately dismiss resolutions.
Goals on the other hand, I take those very seriously.

One of my first goals is to book a wedding that will require me
to fly over the Pacific or the Atlantic.
As of last night, it seems as though this will be achieved! Hooray!
More on this at a later date…

Second goal is simple and is already in the works!
I used to attend about 10 concerts a year. It was my
escape. But over the past couple years that luxury as suffered a bit.
There is nothing like hearing your favorite bands live.
To be acoustically serenaded with songs that literally change you is such a gift
that most take for granted.
When you find bands that really resonate with you, it’s truly magical
to be in a small place full of people that share the same energy.
I can’t wait!

Third goal is simple to say, but much more difficult to do.
I would like to be more aware of my blessings on a daily basis.
I always preach that people should spend more time reveling
in moments, but I have not followed my own advice 100%.
Every waking day is a gift.
Can’t let the little things pass by without taking notice…


Fourth goal is honing in on the fact that a simple great life
is all I want or need.
Too many times do I feel envious of people who just seem to get
everything they want without actually having to work for it.
Why is there time in my life for something like that?
There isn’t. But sometimes it finds it’s way into my mentality.
I know and love the moments where months and months of saving
pay off. Where I set a goal, work my behind off for it and then the day
comes when I can buy a new camera, printer, and book a vacation.
If we were able to have whatever we want whenever we want it,
those things would become meaningless.
Not to mention that it adds a new dynamic to your career.
With every job, I see myself inching closer to something on my list.
It’s a beautiful balancing act.
So for now, I will cherish Ramen Noodles & my nearly non-existant
social life because there is something bigger waiting on the other side.
Our 20’s aren’t meant to be luxurious.
They’re hard, complicated, and scary.
Embrace the times when you aren’t sure how you’re going to
pay rent, because they become the stories that you tell about your journey
when  you’re in your 40’s+.

Fifth and last goal is something I’ve brought along from 2012…
I’m seriously addicted to my savings account.
Nothing brings me more joy than adding to it and seeing
it grow. It keeps me in check.
If I want or need something, I ask myself if it would be
worth dipping into my savings for, and if it’s not then I know that
I don’t need or want whatever it is bad enough to actually buy.
Admittedly, sometimes this doesn’t work.
And those things are usually food or film related.
I justify it with “A girl’s got to eat, right?” or “I’m an artist, I need this.”
It’s a load of crap.
This year I will resist my food temptations.
I will more than likely lose the fight with film.

Make some goals, lovely people.
It’s amazing when you reach them.

Surround yourself with people who share similar goals.
My friends and family seriously inspire me.
When you’re surrounded by people who work hard,
you work hard.
I’m so blessed to have such driven people in my life.
Just this past year  3 of my close friends became big time managers,
doctors & lawyers and one who just recently got accepted into Flight School.
And the others work hard every single day working or
finishing school, determined to figure it all out.
Be each other’s inspiration.
It’s built in motivation.
Embrace it.

I will end with a video from Jack’s Mannequin.
I bought tix to his concert today, and I cannot wait.
If you aren’t listening to this guy yet, you are truly
missing out.

Jack’s Mannequin
Musical genius.
Lyrical genius.
If you’re in need of a new perspective,
look no further. This is life changing music, my friends.


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