The Dark Passenger Project

I have recently become a huge fan of the Showtime Series, Dexter.

In this show, Dexter has what he calls his Dark Passenger.
He uses this term to describe the demon inside of himself and others
that makes them do terrible things.

The term dark passenger, has resonated with me in a different way.
In my life, the term dark passenger describes my own
personal flaws.
Things that I think and feel but never share.
Things that no one knows.
Things I don’t even like to admit to myself.

I thought that this would be a great project to embark on.
I want to see what flaws people have that
they consider their own dark passengers.
My goal is to mix a little Dexter-ism, and a little Post-Secret.

The camera has always acted as a mirror for me for many years.
I’ve done multiple bodies of work with self-portraits
and they have been extremely healing.
I want to take that to another level.
I want to be able to help other people heal flaws that they see within themselves.
I find that once you release these thoughts from your
mind and put them out into the world, even anonymously,
you have to face ownership of them and that’s incredibly powerful.

I don’t imagine that this will be an easy task for anyone.
Nor is this meant to have any funny factor.
This will require you to bare your darkest secret.
Submissions will be completely anonymous.
Below is an example of what I would like each submission to look like.
Take a photo of your abdomen with a piece of paper of any type
stuck to your chest with your dark passenger written on it.
You can wear any clothes you would like, or none at all as long
as you follow the guidelines in the photo below.
No faces.
No legs.
Other than those guidelines, you have complete artistic freedom.

(the red box is where your photo should be aimed at)

My goal for this project is to acquire enough images
to create an installation for an art gallery and to make a book.
If you are not comfortable with the possibility of your image
being displayed or published, please do not submit one.
But obviously feel free to do this for yourself!

By submitting an image, you give permission for your image
to be used in the purposes mentioned above.

You know the feeling when you look in the mirror
and there is something, or multiple things that you just wish
you could release but you just can’t?
Those are the flaws I’m looking for.

Just how honest can you be?

Submissions can be emailed to the following address:

And if you find this project interesting, please share with
your friends on facebook/twitter/blogs/etc so that
the word can be spread about the project!

Good Luck!


2 thoughts on “The Dark Passenger Project

  1. This is truly remarkable. I have been following Post-Secret for a long time and read the books often, and while this does have some similarity, you are bringing something different and deep to this type of project, how commendable! I look forward to following along and seeing the progress!

    Also, I’m a huge Dexter fan too! Great idea to use dark passenger!

  2. Cool idea! I also am a fan of Dexter. Never heard of Post-Secret until now so thanks for letting me know about that too. Good luck and looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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