Oh please, Mr. Officer

My body has officially given up on me.
I’m so mad at it.
Does it not realize that finals are in 2 weeks?
Meaning that I have an entire new body of work to create,
papers to write, presentations to create and exams
to study for?
Who does my body think it is?

Greased up ponytail.
Chapped lips.
Pale skin.
Achy everything.

This sucks.
Didn’t even have the energy to go get a Christmas tree today
like we planned. That’s how I know it’s not good.
Nothing stops me from beginning the festivities of Christmas.


So on my way home from my horse farm engagement session,
I took some back roads to practice using Google Maps
and stumbled on this tree farm.
Seeing that I’m obsessed with lines,
I pulled over and ran into this chopped corn field
to take a photo.
Right as I found the perfect spot, I hear this noise…
I look at my camera, definitely didn’t come from there.
You’d think I’d look behind me, but no.
I look up at the sky.
I had a moment where I literally thought I was going to lay
my eyes on some UFO.
I laughed at myself when I realized nothing was there.
THEN I look behind me and realize its a State Trooper.
Once he realized I wasn’t in any distress, he starts yelling at me that I’m
trespassing and need to leave immediately.
I push my luck and grab a few more to make sure that I got it.
He’s still screaming.
C’mon man, can you blame me? Look at this!
He wasn’t thrilled, but I got the shot!

Sorry, officer.
It’s my duty as an artist to inform the world of such beauties.
Come arrest me, or wait till I’m done, thanks.


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