Wish List {two.thousand.and.eleven}

Dear Santa,
(aka: Dad, Mom, Lin, Marty, Nick, Andy, Kyle, Christina & friends)

I have been really good this year, I swear.
I stayed doughnut free for over 6 months, that must count for something!

Wish List:
[you can click on all for a link to the exact item! See! So kind!]


Creme Brulee Set w/torch

A chinese Wok

****Leather scented candles****

An 8GB Batman Thumb Drive

Canon fax/scanner/printer/copier

Michigan Wolverines Jersey (Size: S)

Polaroid Film

Mason Jars
[handles or no handles.]

Camera Bag

Pocket Wizard

Light Kit

iPhone Printer

Jessica Simpson Pumps
[color: taupe]

Laptop Skin
[for a 15″ Macbook Pro]






And those of you who are feeling SUPER generous, or would
like to combine your efforts:

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Digital SLR Camera  21.1 Megapixels

Don’t worry everyone, there’s a savings account in existence with its name
on it already, hehe!
But if you at least considered it, hot damn! I love you!


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