Fa l l in g.

The other night, Marty was heating up this mini apple pie
that we bought at the grocery store.
I insisted that before it went into the oven, that butter and sugar
cover the top of it.
We were both exhausted and it was obvious because we found
this situation absolutely hilarious.
He was making fun of my chubby inner child and love for butter,
and I was laughing at him because for those of you who don’t know,
Marty is the funniest guy I have ever met.
All of the sudden, I was overwhelmed with this feeling
that I’ve never felt before.
In a state of absolute delirium, I posted on facebook about it.
All of us at one point or another have made a comment about
falling in love with someone all over again but I believe there
is a difference. I’m not talking about the daily realization that
you love this person you’re sharing your life with.
I love Marty every single day, but this was not that.
It was more like an out of body experience.
[Please forgive the cliches.]
I was simply overwhelmed by the emotion.
In a matter of a few seconds, I was able to see us 50 years down
the road. Still laughing.
Still stuffing my face and Marty still making fun of that chubby little
girl deep inside my soul.
It was in that moment, where not only did I get some affirmation
about him being the one, but also this sense of presentiment…
at the risk of sounding completely insane, I could actually feel the
fulfillment that he’ll bring to my life in the future.
What I love the most right now, is that Marty took a picture
of me with the mini apple pie…
I love having photos to go w/memories like that.
Even if I’m resisting because I get a monster
double chin when I am laughing that hard.

I went on a date today.
With myself.
I treated myself to some fresh air, and a break from staring
at a computer screen.
I went to my new favorite place, The SoupBox.
They have over 20 soups, and they are all delicious.
The best part is that you can sample them all.
…And I love sampling food. A lot.
(My favorite is the Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice.)
So I sat there, and started to read a book that my friend & client
bought me, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
I’m only at the beginning of the second chapter and I’m already
inspired by it. Very few things warm my heart like this has.
Click on the link and buy it. You won’t regret it.
It was so nice to get out of the apartment.
To give myself a couple hour break from editing and from
researching business things.
I need to give myself more breaks.
Tomorrow is a pretty exciting day…
I’ve been hired to photograph the opening of the
new Saks Fifth Avenue in Northbrook, IL.
I love getting the opportunity to get my feet wet in all sorts
of different ways photographically.
I’m a curious type of person, so I like to dabble in just
about everything. You never know who you’ll meet,
or how you’ll be inspired.
Cheers, to another blessing of opportunity!
I came to a realization last night on the phone with my Dad.
Something that I’ve been thinking, but ignoring immediately.
Leave it to my Dad to come barreling in with the obvious.
I don’t call him my reality check for no reason.
I’m not looking forward to hashing out this issue
with myself anytime soon.
On Monday, I will be part of an intervention.
I’m in the process of writing my letter to this person that I will
read out loud to them about how they were before
alcohol, how they were during their bout with drinking,
and what my expectations are of them after they complete the program.
I’ve watched a thousand Intervention shows, and never really
thought about how difficult it is to write these letters to your loved ones.
Well let me tell you, it’s not easy.
Being honest and forthright is not always easy.
Neither is recounting memories you’re not so fond of.
What is great, is standing by the side of someone you love.



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