Little bit-o-this-and-that.

Currently jamming to 60’s radio on Pandora.
I wish I was my age in the 60’s.
Such good music.
I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong era.
I can think of moments in my life and I can picture them
with certain songs playing in the background.
If I had one wish….
I feel like I’m in a really good place the past couple weeks.
Starting to believe that I just might be able to have
everything I want.
I’m at a new crossroad with my Mom.
Now it’s just time for me to really figure out what to do next…
Maybe not so much what to do next, but rather how.
I definitely feel stronger and I feel like I’m in a place
where I can handle things much better.
It’s all about risk at this point…you know what they say!
Without great risks, there are no great rewards.
I used to take lots of risks.
I’ve become a little more reserved over time.
So I had my first “Wait till you get older…” moment.
There’s an 18 year old in one of my classes…
She thinks she wants kids by the time she’s 25 because
she wants to be a young mom.
She then told me that I’d miss out on enjoying
my kids if I waited until I was 35-40 to have them because
I’d be too old to have fun with them.
I don’t care if I’m 60 when they’re 20.
I’ll be wiser and more experienced.
When I was 20, I remember thinking that I’d be married
and a mother by 25.
My hypothetical child would be just under a year
old if that were the case.
There’s only one thing I’m ready for right now and that’s retirement. Ha!
No, no, no…hmmm more like college graduation or getting engaged.
I’m not even ready to get married.
I do give props to the young mothers out there though.
I can barely babysit.
Last time I babysat my niece, I taught her how to say
“Dupa.” Which means “butt” in polish.
Probably a poor decision on my part, it was terribly cute though.
Cammi & Roman are more than enough right now.
Being an Aunt is so so so good.
Working on a new project…
Actually, it’s something I’ve been doing for 2 years
but I am now trying to see if there is any potential for it
to be an actual body of work.
So basically, I am obsessed with secretly photographing
people on the buses, trains & streets in random places.
It’s taking my love of people watching to another level.
The thrill comes from getting a great shot of a person
I find interesting.
I do this all with the camera on my phone.
I’ve tried it with one of my good cameras and it just didn’t
give me the same satisfaction.
(I wonder how many people have done this to me
on days when I didn’t look showered or clean.)
Anyways, it’s the only work other than my mother/daughter
piece that give me butterflies.
So I’m going with it. Tomorrow the snapshots are going
on the wall to be critiqued.
I’m interested to see what kind of feedback I get.

I have an idea of where I’d like to take it next, but I want to see
if it even has the potential to becoming an actual body of work.
(PS: the next time you leave the house feeling less than stellar….
just know that I could be lurking. You could be the next
subject in the series. Muahahaha.)
This class is literally killing me slowly.
I am astonished at how quickly some people in my classes
absorb theory related things.
Actually, I’m jealous. Really jealous.
Theory scrambles my brain.
When I am walking to the bus after class, I can not be
held responsible for my actions because I am officially out
of my mind. It’s horrible.
Goal: be able to absorb & discuss theory related things
without feeling like a zombie when it’s over.
By the end of the class, my doodling leads to this:


Homeless guy.
Diner across the street from our apt.
I’ve never seen a shopping cart fuller than this.
The guy could barely haul it.
One thing I know, is that if he ever throws a fiesta…
I got dibs on that sombrero.


I want a book to tell people that they should know me.
New goal.

This is what the end of a perfect evening looks like to me.

If you ever see a spoon atop of sugar packets, I’m guilty.
It’s always me.
This was a “Have fun in Spain!” dinner night with friends.
Jenn is spending a month in Spain.
It was the first time I realized what a horrible mistake
I made by canceling my trip to Ireland.
It reminded me of when my Dad & Linda gave me a trip
to Paris for high school graduation…and I asked them to send me
to Cancun with my friends for Spring Break instead.
YES. That definitely happened.
What a bloody awful mistake.
How young & naive I was.
That trend stops here. I will never cancel a chance to travel
the world ever again. I’m going to start looking into
winter study trips overseas for next year.
I planned on going to Ireland this summer, but business won’t allow for that.
Traveling the world is a dream of mine.
I have a bucket list of 11 places I must go.
Speaking of…
If you haven’t seen that movie, you’re missing out.
We watched it last night, and I was in awe.
It was beautiful, cliches & all.
I’m going to make a bucket list.
Something where only really special things
can be added.

First thing on my list:
See the Great Wall of China


I stumbled on this the other day and thought it
was a perfect little something for how I feel these days.

We leave for Portland in a couple weeks for Thanksgiving.
I can barely contain the excitement inside me.
I’ve photographically mapped out my entire experience already.
Looking forward to seeing where Jess & Andrew are living
and what they do :)
Well, unless it involves exercise.
I’ll be on photographic journeys while they hike.

So, I love spaghetti.
I used my mom’s spaghetti recipe for years,
and over time I started to change it.
Especially when my taste buds started to transform.
I used to be the pickiest eater ever.
Hated veggies.
Hated spices.
I still don’t like when spices get stuck on my tongue,
but I can now enjoy the flavor they bring to food.
So here is my new spin on spaghetti sauce.

You need:
Chopped onions
Fresh garlic
Red Wine (I use Cab Sauv)
Two cans of tomato sauce
(I prefer Giada De Laurentiis’s sauces.
You can get them at Target.)
Basil (dry or fresh)
Parmesan cheese (fresh)
2 lbs of ground turkey
EVOO (extra virgin O. Oil)
Two small cans of tomato paste

Before you even begin cooking,
you should have music going.
I was in a Basia Bulat mood, so that’s what I had playing.
I always think something medium paced and soulful
is best for cooking. But that’s just me.

Okayyyy, here we go!

Fill the bottom of the pot with olive oil
and throw the onions in there.
Let them simmer until they become translucent.
Throw in the freshly pressed garlic.
Watch the temp, because if any of this starts to burn
it will make everything taste burned.
Learn from MY mistakes. Better to be safe than sorry.
Medium/Low is perfect.

Right before I add the turkey, I throw in some
salt & pepper.
I don’t measure anything, I just add slowly and
taste it as I go. Once you over salt something, you
can’t go back…

Throw in the turkey.
My friend Josh also says that ground chicken tastes
lovely as well, so you can use that too.
Beef is great for extra flavor, but whichever you prefer!
I’m trying to be healthy people!

Grab the vino!
You’re going to pour some in in turkey/onion/garlic/EVOO
and let it all render.
Give the booze a chance to burn off a bit.
Pour yourself a glass first.

I generally use about 2-3 cups of the wine for the sauce.
Sometimes more.
Sometimes less.
Depends on my mood.
While I won’t get a buzz from the food, sometimes it
helps to use half the bottle just for a piece of mind
after a long day/week.

Throw in your two cans of tomato sauce and
whichever base sauce you decide.
(Ragu, Giada De Laurentiis’s, Presto,
whichever sounds good to you.)
Mix it up evenly.

Press a few more cloves if you love garlic.
I would use all of this if I could.
I generally use about half of one of them.

I hate mushrooms.
But I cook with them as often as I can.
I love their flavor, but for some reason I can’t eat them.
Throw that in next.
I keep them large so that I don’t accidentally ingest one.
I let the mushrooms cook in the sauce for about 20 mins
with the cover on.
Throw in your spices as well.

After about 20 minutes, I throw in another cup or
so of wine and the Parmesan cheese and then I cover it up and let it cook
for about 2 hours. If I have more time, I will let it cook
even longer.
The more time the flavors have to absorb into
each other, the better.

Once it’s done, then cook up whatever pasta you prefer.
I am addicted to cappellini.
But on this particular night, I was making stuffed shells.
There will be enough sauce for that night’s dinner
AND another meal if you choose! We use the leftover
sauce for lunch and late night snacks.

Email me for the stuffed shells filling if you want to do that!
It’s so freaking good.

Buon Appetito!

Hair is getting long.
I’m 3 months overdue for my annual chop job.
Just can’t bring myself to do it.
It’s a little ridiculous.
There’s a girl across the street from us…
She literally brushes her hair for 10 minutes.
She sits in her window and brushes her hair.
The only time a brush touches my hair is when
I’m blow drying it.
I find this so weird.
How often do you brush your hair?

I’m hungry.

I couldn’t live without this girl.


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