Funk it up.

I am coming to you from a new place.
Same apartment.
Same city.
Same everything.
Only today, I start blogging with a new mindset.
A mindset of this is my blog.
My, being the keyword.

First off, where the hell did summer go?
Oh, that’s right…I was working through 98% of it.
It all seems like a blur, honestly.
I think I spent so much time traveling for jobs
that I feel like I was never home.
Wedding season of 2011 is officially over.
Believe it or not, I am nearly booked for 2012 weddings as well.
I was recently contacted by The Knot! to join up
with them! According to the email,
“…There is already a buzz going on about you!”
That was pretty exciting.
It’s nice to be recognized by the largest wedding
networking site on the web.
I haven’t joined yet, it’s a little expensive for vendors
but I do think it will pay itself off since the majority
of brides begin using the website within the first minutes
of having their boys put a ring on it! :)
Brittany Majka Photography is officially a business.
Marty is going to be my number cruncher.
He’s already keeping my contracts and receipts in order &
helping me figure out tax things.
Give me a camera, and I’m good to go…
give me percentages, taxes or anything that requires
organization and I am out of my element.
Numbers are a no-no.
All I do these days when I am not doing school related
things, is search endlessly for ways to enhance this brand.
Brand. I love the sound of that.
Marty & I recently discussed a new route to take,
and there is potential for that logo acronym to
have a new meaning…
Stay Tuned.

I’m in such an experimental stage right now with
everything regarding photography.
Still trying to figure out where I produce my best work.
(Weddings not included.)
I do know that my focus seems to stay on people.
Last week, I was on a photo excursion with Joshuah & Christy.
After a few drinks we thought it’d be a great idea to scurry
around and pretend to be models.
I loved it.
I like photographing them MUCH MORE than I love having my
picture taken, but a new facebook profile photo never hurt anyone!

Granted, these are only shot with my handy iPhone.
Image quality low. Aesthetic pleasure high.
Regardless, I am in love with them.

I love being able to do stuff like this
at any moments notice.
It makes the photos just that more enjoyable.
During a time when I have to create new work with
a deadline looming, I like being able to


My personal and social life has taken a backseat.
I can no longer justify my time at a bar.
Even when I’m there, I’m not really there.
My mind is always wandering and searching
for inspiration or marketing ideas.
My friends don’t particularly like this.
But I’m years behind everyone else.
While they were in college, I was out there
thinking that I would be happy
with a 9-5 job, working my way up the ladder.
Once I figured out what I actually wanted to do with my life,
everyone else was already doing it.
And yeah, I have my own business but it’s
a business that requires constant revamping
and attention.
I’m a one man circus.
This is my official plea to my friends…
When I graduate, I will be ready to
paint the town red.
Until then, match every shot of tequila in my honor
until I can be there with you!

My family & I are going through transitions as well.
Individual ones.
And ones with each other.
I’ve had some balls to the walls,
knock down, drag out fights with friends and have
experienced quick recoveries with some of them.
Unfortunately, my inner family turmoil has not fully recovered just yet.
I think that things happen that have the capacity to change us forever,
and when they do, they aren’t so readily available to fix.
We can only hope that the age old saying of time heals everything
will soon find us.

My brother and his fiancee broke up just 3 weeks ago.
I can’t speak for everyone else, but I felt like I was going
through a breakup as well. It was incredibly hard to watch
both of them hurting so badly.
It brought back so many memories of my own breakups,
that it nearly made me sick most days.
Shannon was part of our family for nearly 8 years.
And although her & I had a tumultuous relationship for a large
chunk of the time they were together, experiences within
the past 7 months or so have really brought us very close.
We found solace in each other.
As much as I selfishly wanted them to work it out,
I had to be supportive of their decision.
I’m happy to announce that they are both doing well.
My brother started a new amazing job,
and she is back in school to complete her nursing degree.
They handled this so much better than I ever did,
and I am so proud of both of them.
Cheers, to a new journey for both of them!

My most recent exhibition came to a close just over a week ago.
Thank you to everyone who came out and showed
support to all 40 us starving artists!
That experience was one for the record books.
Given the opportunity again, I’d do it in heartbeat.
Regardless of the problems within my group,
it was such a great learning experience.
It opened my mind to new mediums and new ways
of approaching tasks.
The most important lesson I learned, was to stand
my ground. Always.
And because I did, I was able to create a new piece
for a buyer!

This was our main piece.
A collection of drawings and photographs, making up
Marilyn Monroe.

And 4 smaller scale pieces that we all collaborated on.

We weren’t in each other’s groups, but she’s my exhibition buddy :)

Proud parents, ha!
(check out my dad’s accidental middle finger aim!)


Your water bowl is full.


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