Yep, that’s my life. Our life.
We have literally been flying by the seat of our pants
for pretty much the entire summer.
I haven’t been home for a weekend in 3 weeks, and that trend
won’t come to a halt for another week.
Wedding season is winding down, as is portrait season.
Just a few jobs left for 2011 and then its time to get back
to the grind of school.
The hardest semester of my life is quickly approaching.
I hope that I’m wrong.
I hope that the semester will begin and I will realize that
it’s not going to be so difficult after all.
The pit in my stomach says, “Wishful thinking, B.”
Today we got a taste of the changing of the seasons.
The air was crisp & the breeze was cool but you stayed warm
with the sun shining on your face.
I love fall. I’m so ready for it.
Fall means that Michigan Football resumes
and we get to put our Christmas presents from Marty’s parents to good use.
I’ve been waiting.
It’s so good that I can’t even share it until I can actually post photos
to go along with it. Let’s just say that we’re hardcore.
I also love warm comfy clothes.
the smells that tell you that
& Christmas
are well on their way.
The two week heat wave that we all suffered from
made me ready to say goodbye to summer days ago.
I’m sorry, but I’d rather bundle up and freeze
then basically have my face melt away and sweat
through every single pore my body has.
Can’t summer just consist of 74-78 degrees?
I’m excited to announce that I have been accepted into an upcoming
exhibition in Chicago!

Exquisite Corpse

I’ve been paired up with 2 other artists (a photographer & poet)
and we’re currently collaborating on 5 different pieces to
portray our own versions of an Exquisite Corpse.
It’s been hard & wonderful at the same time.
To be a control freak like myself and have such little
control has been a difficult obstacle.
It’s been frustrating
it’s opened my mind to new techniques & skills while also
teaching me a lesson in learning to let go of the reins a bit.
Opening night is September 2 @ the Fulton Street Collective Gallery.
Come out and support myself & the many talented artists!
Right now, I am trying to balance so many things and
I’m learning that it’s time to let go of the things
that I cannot control or change.
Oh wait, that’s been the story of my life!
There it is, that Aha! moment that Oprah always refers to.
No but seriously, it’s time that myself & others start accepting
that people change, lives change, routines change,
priorities change, feelings change, etc.
We don’t have to understand these changes,
but we should respect them.
I’m learning that there isn’t always a right answer,
so instead, I just do what I feel is the right thing.
Funny the way it is.
My 26th birthday was great.
On the eve of the greatest day of the year, I cleaned…
The apartment.
My hard drive.
I couldn’t stand the thought of beginning a new year
of my life unorganized and scattered.
Cleaning the hard drive was the worst part.
There were a million folders and gazillion
photos to be sorted through.
I slept like I had run a marathon that night.
I was spoiled rotten by Marty & friends and am so thankful
to have those people in my life.
26 is going to be a great year…a busy year, but a great one.
Spending this weekend up in Northern Michigan with Marty’s
family at their River House.
I am excited for Marty to have 5 days with his family because
Lord knows that he’s had more than enough of mine.
And that’s probably the understatement of the world, I’m sure.
I think it’ll be good for both of us to be in that
environment for a few days.

My Grandmother passed away last Tuesday.
I am not sure I’m at peace with it, or if I just haven’t been
able to grieve.
What I do know, is that the ache in my heart over the loss
is mostly for my Dad.
I’ve seen him cry once in my life, and I can barely
remember it.
To know that the strongest person in our family
was hurting was nearly unbearable.
I haven’t seen them much over the past few years…
they are pretty far up in northern Michigan.
I’ve always felt really bad about that, but they always
understood and never ever resented any of us
for being distant.
But as fate would have it, Marty & I happened to be in the area last
weekend and we stopped in to spend some time with them.
And we stopped in again on Sunday on our way home…and as much as I hate the idea
of saying goodbye to someone, I did it.
She hadn’t eaten or drank anything in days and we were
told that it was time to say goodbye to her.
I kissed her gently on the forehead and told her that
we were all okay.
That her Great Granddaughter was walking.
That my Dad was great and loved her.
That my brothers & I loved her.
…She passed away the next morning.
I will not go ahead and say that my visit had anything to do
with her letting go, but that brought me so much
peace. Knowing that I had the chance to tell her
those things.
The world has lost the most gentle, kind and wonderful
woman, but we all gained THE BEST guardian angel that there is.
They just don’t make em like Grandma Majka anymore…
’til we meet again <3

I’ve got San Francisco on my mind.


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