I believe I need to believe that.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been away for so long…
I guess that’s what happens when you get caught up in
all things l i f e.
I also feel censored on here at times…
My opinions and statements have always had a tendency of
ruffling the feathers…
Starting a business is the most insane thing I’ve ever experienced.
I still wake up every single day and am dumbfounded at how quickly
it went from point A to point B.
Let me tell you how exhausted I am!
The idea of having to take a shower absolutely pains me at the end of a day.
Sometimes I don’t because I’m too tired.
My hair is the only thing that enjoys non shower days.
Speaking of…
I’m back to being my natural blonde self.
It’s weird.
I enjoy the money saving aspect of not having to buy hair
dye or get my hair done.
Being blonde will always remind me of the night I met Marty….
(after the initial small talk was over…)

Me: So, you bartend here right?
Me: What exactly are you doing with your life? Going to college? For what?
I just want to make sure you have aspirations.
Marty: I liked you better as a brunette.
(his friend showed him what I looked like on fbook before he
met me and I had just gone back to blonde the day before we met.)
He gave it right back to me.
It was love at first character/appearance quarrel.
It was truly fantastic.
I will say this one thing…
If you knew my track record with dating, you’d understand
why those were my first questions.
It took  3 serious failed relationships to realize that I had
to break the pattern in that department.
…And here we are today, well over 3 years later.
Paving the way to a successful future…together.

My 25th year of life is coming to an end.
And while it was a great year in most respects, it’s also been
a year that I’ll be happy to close the door on in 8 days.
I’m ready.
I can feel it in my bones that 26 is going to be the year
in my 20’s that will bring me out of my cynical rut.
Right now I’m just hanging by a thread thanks to my lovely friend Jenn.
I’ve never met a girl with a more positive attitude.
Yesterday I said to her:
Jenn, say something insightful….
and she says Make way for the positive day!
I can’t get enough of her mindset.
So yes, 26.
Ugh, I can’t wait.
I even like the way 26 sounds when I say it.
…And I like where most things are, or where they seem to be going right now.
I’m really figuring out where I spend energy and shouldn’t,
and where I’m not spending enough energy.
I know what I’m ready to accomplish.
What I should throw the towel in on.
Grudges I need to let go.
Amends that should be made.
Debt to get paid.
People that truly matter.
and my favorite….
A person that should have been sued years ago.
You know, the usual.
It  s u c k s.
I wish I had shiny & pretty things to show for my debt.
Unfortunately, all I have are medical bills
& an ex-boyfriend tacked onto my credit report.
Just what every girl dreams of, eh?
In the words of the great Darius Rucker….
It won’t be like this for long.
Marty & I have a temporary roommate.
The wonderful Joshuah Olen Reed.
He occupies our couch and patio mostly.
It’s an adjustment, but when he comes home
with sprinkle donuts and cereal that I LOVE,
it makes the adjusting quite easy.
My only fear in having him live with us was that he’d realize
how boring we are. ha!
We aren’t here painting the town red 4 nights a week,
or going to flashy places or doing
fancy things.
I’m glued to my laptop editing & marketing my business.
Marty is on the phone or on appointments with clients.
Then we’ll pop in a frozen pizza and watch some bad reality television.
Having him here does motivate me to get out more though.
We found a cupcake shop owned by one of our neighbors.
We went thrift store shopping which is the way to my heart.
We went to the Pride Parade/Festival.
We eat the best tacos in the city on the weekends.
And, we found a yogurt place that has Fruity Pebbles
as a topping. WHAT?, you say! Yes.
It’s heavenly.
And this is coming from a gal who could seriously do without
yogurt…I’d rather have ice cream. Calories & all.

Pride 2011
Go big or go home.

I want these balloon backpieces. Badly.
Oh my goodness gracious, my friends & viewers…
What a rollercoaster!
This is the big thing in my life right now.
It’s becoming larger than life.
Larger than I ever intended or thought it could be.
There aren’t too many more things that I love more
than happy accidents.
I love them in photography.
(Correction: I had to learn to love them in photography.
When you have obsessive compulsive tendencies like mine,
accidents in your passion are a nightmare…even happy ones.)
I love them in love.
I love them in friendships.
And now I love them in business.
It’s hard.
It’s exhausting.
It cuts into time with the boy & with friends/family…
but it’s so great!
It feels so good to know that I am setting up a career
that will allow me to keep a camera in my hands.
Something that keeps my brain active &
my creativity in gear.
My original website was getting so much traffic
that I had to create a completely separate one.
Brittany Majka Photography

Click on it! :)

I took my Papa Bear to the Dave Matthews Band 3 day tour
this weekend. Best $400.00 I ever spent on anything.
We had the best time.
Each night DMB performed for 3 hours.
We were basically in heaven for the entire weekend.

Like father, like daughter.

The second night, they finally performed “Crush,” which was
mine & Kevin’s favorite song.
We used to drive around LaGrange in my old
convertible blasting it.
You’d think that after a few years that that little pang in
your heart would subside.
I’m still waiting.
6 years later and my heart still feels a jolt
when I think about the fact that he’s gone.
Forever Loved, Forever Missed.
// KevO.\\

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Justin Tischler
He has my favorite red sunglasses
and I am not happy about it.
Take anything you want, but don’t take my
red knockoffs.
I’m coming for you JT!
My current diet:
This is no joke my friends.
I consumed every last bite of this.
I just advanced into the
Check this box if you’ve suffered a heart attack between the ages
of 35-40.
I can’t help it. I’m addicted to bad food.
Don’t judge me.
Marty & Josh were basically “wtf-ing” me when I was done.
So Brookey & I are trying to support each other’s
working out habits from afar.
We’re supposed to work out at the same time
and then complain to each other when we’re done.
Well, this started two weeks ago and we’ve had one successful
long distance workout….
The rest of the time it goes something like this:
We were put on this earth for each other.
This is the epitome of who we are and what our friendship
is like on a regular basis.
Two bodies, one soul.
PS: I’m going to the gym today….
Double PS:
You’re the most spectacular woman & mother.


I’ll end with this…….

I might be one of the last people on Earth who actually believe
and take to heart what my fortune says.
I believe there is a fate behind why each person gets
a particular fortune.
I need this one to be true, and so far…I think the Chinese are onto something!



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