I want to float higher, above waves of electric wires.

Two hours before my second favorite band of all time
takes the stage at their first show, and I decide in the middle
of chowing down on a double cheeseburger
that I need to be at this show.
I had tickets to the second show the next night, but that wasn’t
going to be enough.
I’ve waited NINE YEARS for them to come back.
Dispatch, people. Dispatch.
If you don’t have their music on a playlist, you’re missing out.
So, we race home to get ready and head out.
Seconds after we get off the L, my friend who works for the band
calls and says he has two extra tickets to the show.
The seats he has are better than the ones that we’d get at the box office
so we meet up with him, grab em and go.
Little did I know that I’d be having an experience of a lifetime.
Our tickets read “Section 1, Row A”
This couldn’t possibly mean what I think it does…
The lady in the red vest starts leading us to our seats…
We pass up the third section on the floor.
We pass up the second section on the floor.
We get to the first section and we keep walking.
We get to the first row and she leads us directly to the center
of the first row. My heart is beating out of my chest.
Not only are we first row, but we’re slap dab in the center.
We’re standing 5 feet in front of a microphone stand.
No cover band.
They come out as humble as ever, and begin serenading the
entire arena.
I’m literally floating somewhere between awe and disbelief.
Am I really watching them play the songs that have gotten
me through some crazy life experiences from 5 ft away?
Yes, indeed I was.
Marty’s caption to this photo was spot on…
“When you’re this close to the stage, it’s like they’re only playing for you.”
When you can make eye contact with people whose music
literally changed your life as they’re singing it…it’s heaven.

Never in a million years did I think that I’d ever
experience something like this.
It really was life changing.
It was the best two hours of my life.
As I said before, it will take something absolutely spectacular to
top this memory.

The second show was a whole different experience.
It was an outdoor show in Millennium Park.
We were in the lawn. Couldn’t even see the stage.
But it was amazing as well.
All you had to do was kick back, shut your
eyes and let their music set the perfect mood.
For awhile it was perfect if you were just lounging in the grass.
…And then after a couple $5.00 beers and a contact buzz,
you’re up on your feet dancing like you’re at Woodstock in 1969.

A perfect 24 hour experience.


Marty & I just celebrated our third year anniversary.
We’ve been so busy lately, that it probably would have
passed without us realizing had facebook not reminded us everyday
for a week.
We agreed to do something small.
I cleaned out his car because I’m pretty sure he’s never done it.
And he has to drive clients around for work so I vacuumed and scrubbed
the inside for him.
What he did for me was so damn cute.
For those of you who don’t know, I love fortune cookies.
A lot.
I always have to be the first one to pick out the fortune cookie
when they’re around. It’s just something you have to
accept if you’re going to eat chinese food with me.
He got me a sterling silver fortune cookie
that opens up like a heart locket so you can put new fortunes in it
anytime you want!

I love that he gets me on a completely different level than
everyone else. Sometimes I see these extravagant
gestures that couples do for each other and I whine…
but he knows that I really don’t care for that crap.
I’m a sucker for the little things.
Like yesterday at the grocery store…
We could have gotten our Folger’s coffee and left, but I
saw the section where you could pour your own coffee beans and
grind them. Without hesitation, he started helping me grind
coffee beans just because I’ve never done it and wanted to.
He let’s me experience life no matter how
ridiculous it is.
We went up to the lakehouse for our anniversary.
We arrived just in time for the weather to clear up.
We spent a few hours just boating around the lake, listening to
music at full blast.
I did a lot of singing, per usual.
I love singing to him no matter how awful I sound.
And we just did something simple for dinner…
With as busy as we’ve been, the thought of doing anything
more than having a pizza delivered felt like it was too much.
We just wanted to relax. We didn’t take any calls
or answer any emails that afternoon.

So Martylicious, here’s to year number four!
May it be as wonderful as the previous three
and may we still reign as the greatest duo ever!
Love you, mean it.
Duty calls.


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