Life is short, but sweet for certain.

Coming to you live from what was formerly known
as my Lincoln Park Nook…now the man room.
Not a cave, because that’s cliche.
Turns out I fell in love with our living room…
I think it’s the green wall and the coffee table Marty’s parents
bought us.
Anyhow, the man-room is all windows. It’s raining.
We have no air conditioning.
Put this altogether, and I have myself a room
with a nice cool breeze.
Lucky for us, the sun never shines directly into our apartment
so we have been surviving quite well with no a/c.
Our bank accounts appreciate the lower electricity bill too.
I’ll use that money to buy these yellow heels I want badly.
They’re hideously adorable. Canary yellow.
Marty isn’t a huge fan of my shoe addiction.
There’s only one other bad addiction that he has to put up with,
and that’s my addiction to trashy reality TV shows.
Ummm, did you see the episodes of Real Housewives of NYC these past 2 weeks?
Orange County?
New Jersey?
These girls are insane. I can’t get enough.
I watch every city except Atlanta.
To be perfectly honest, it’s because they just had to throw
in a white girl to be politically correct and I think that’s crap.
That one single forced decision ruined it for me.
Let em have their own show, all the other cities do.
…And there is nothing politically correct about the others.
These shows are my guilty pleasure. I don’t know what it is.
Perhaps its just an escape from the kind of crazy
I deal with.
My goal for the first few weeks of summer vacation was to be
completely unproductive.
I have not accomplished this to the magnitude of what
I’d hoped for. But I did get in mid-afternoon
naps a couple times a week and they were
s p l e n d i d.
When I’m not being unproductive, I’m returning the abundance
of emails I’ve been receiving about potential jobs.
I try to fight against this kind of photography because I attend
a school where it’s frowned upon, but I can’t resist.
As much as it can be a pain in the neck with editing,
the amount of time it consumes, numbers, coming up with new ideas,
the waiting game, competition with other greats in the field…I love it.
My fine art is my first priority, and this work does keep me from spending
more time on it, but I love it. I think what I love about it
is the excitement it brings to clients.
I’m addicted to that.
I think it’s just time to stop fighting it.
Society has everyone fooled that we have to focus on being great
at one thing…I want to be great at a lot of things.
Darkroom printing.
…I could go on for awhile, I’ll spare you.
This is what I’ve been up to the past few weeks since I’ve been away.
(PS: this is the Lincoln Park Nook.)
Well, a couple weeks ago I was dead set on climbing out
of the window onto our ledge to clean the outside of our windows.
They were covered in everything winter.
You literally could not see through them.
I thought I had Marty convinced to go along with my plan
of holding onto my belt loops while I cleaned them out the window…
He called maintenance and to my overwhelmingly pleasant
surprise, we are able to do them ourselves without risking our lives!
Our windows fold in!!
Yep, this is what my life has come to.
I get excited that I can clean windows.
My age and mindset are becoming equals.
I think Marty was pretty surprised about my
kid on Christmas morning reaction to this whole ordeal.
Needless to say, the entire apartment looks fantastic.
Summer 2011 is underway.
Tis the season for BBQ’s, rooftops, beach days,
and laughing until your stomach hurts with great friends.
Tony & his lady are here on internships for the summer
and that just makes it all the more better.

Chicago summers are tough to beat when it comes to the Midwest.
Sometimes, if you can block out the city sounds and the skyscrapers
in your peripheral vision, you could make yourself believe you’re
on some urban island.
It’s kinda magical in it’s own way.
Now, let’s talk about the last photo…
Group of guys, all in speedos.
Greeting random groups of beach-goers.
America has grabbed onto many trends, but never
speedos. For obvious reasons.
It’s not flattering on any guy except
David Beckham, and I’m going out on a limb even saying that.
I appreciate speedos for the entertainment, but not
as a fashion statement.
Also, nothing good ever comes from bending over in one.
I stumbled upon this old photograph from when I was 20…
I remember the exact night only because of the shirt I was wearing.
Before I headed out for the night, I remember taking one
last glance in the mirror and thinking to myself
that I wanted to be thinner.
Seriously? Seriously.
If I could go back in time, I would slap myself.
I would kill to look like this now.
I also wish I still had that striped shirt.
What I’m basically saying is this:
Totally joking.
Seriously, what I’m trying to say is that it has been made apparent
to me that our bodies change as we get older.
Get used to it.
Be healthy, but enjoy life.
There are for important things in life to focus on besides
how thin you are or want to be.
The little things.
This made me so happy.
I am so excited to be photographing their wedding.
Probably one of the cutest couples I’ve ever met.
I have so many ideas for their wedding photos that I can’t barely wait!
Thank you Raechel & Geoff for making my day…the other day :)
I’ve been meaning to post this even though I’m reminded everyday
since it’s on my fridge!
My personal family life is complete chaos.
I’ve decided that the only thing that works best is to
step out of the situation.
It’s hard to get used to.
But it’s working. And that’s what needs to happen.
There’s a few unfortunate consequences to this decision,
but when you have zero fight left in you to defend your needs
and beliefs, what is left?
I don’t know how to deal with situations that involve
polar opposite realities on multi-person fronts.
I’m gonna stay in my Lincoln Park bubble until I figure it out.
God, help me.
Lastly…this is the exciting thing in my life right now…
Dave Matthews Band just released a new live album.
DMB: Live at Wrigley Field.
If you haven’t guessed…I WAS THERE!
Finally, a live album from a concert that I attended.
So basically, I’m on this album.
Especially during “Jimi Thing,” because the entire
audience sang the song instead of Dave.
So if I ever decide to take a stab at a singing career,
this will be my first track.
I was a kid in a candy store listening to it.
I will forever cherish this album.
14 concerts later, and I finally get my moment.
I’m famous!
When I told my Dad about it, his first question is,
“Am I on the cover of the album?”
How lucky is he? His first Dave concert and he gets
the live album…not fair!
Over a thousand dollars and miles later, I get mine.
My favorite Post-It out of thousands.
I think it’s time to bring back our Post-It love.


One thought on “Life is short, but sweet for certain.

  1. Everything in this is absolutely beautiful, Britty. Keep doing what you do, girl. We share the same addiction to be good at and enjoy a million things, in a million directions, in the millions of secondes we have in life. That just makes us the multi-tasking, exciting, women that we are instead of just one good thing. xo

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