If you think gas prices are expensive, try ignorance. -bam

I wreak of chlorine.
It reminds me of my days on the swim team.
Marty & I joined the Lincoln Park Athletic Club.
We swam today. I forgot that it’s nearly
impossible to get rid of the smell with just one shower.
I also forgot how hard swimming is.
I looked at the sign and saw “84 lengths = 1 mile” and the 15 year old
swimmer in me thought, totally doable. No, no, no.
A few laps of the breast stroke and I needed oxygen
and a hot tub. I’m in such bad shape people.
My endurance is so below par.
I’m determined to do 84 lengths without dying
by my 26th birthday.
My reason for joining this gym, is basically to makeup for
my horrible diet.
I need to face the fact that I will never stop eating
cheeseburgers, pizza, butter, fried & fast food…
It’s just not going to happen.
So I vow to make a valiant effort in balancing out
my bad diet with exercise.
Wish me luck.

I got a free download for Nelly’s
old double album…you know, Sweat/Suit?
I had completely forgotten any of the songs that were on
there when I downloaded it…and then it happened….
I was transported back into time.
I had an entire past relationship flash before my eyes, and then
I was driving down Whittaker Road heading back to my apartment
after we had broken up.
The memory was so vivid that for days following,
I was reliving it all in my dreams. I find it absolutely fascinating how
music can play such a gigantic role in one’s memory.
If not for music, I think I would have forgotten half of my life.
I have a song for everything.
I’ve been forcing myself to listen to this Nelly album until
that sick feeling in my stomach disappears.
Call me insane, I’ll call it an odd healing process.
It got me thinking about how long I’ve carried past relationship
baggage…that’s fascinating as well.
At what point in life are those people & wounds a faint memory?
Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just crazy?
By the way, Nelly kinda sucks.

Osama Bin Laden is dead.
The level of American ignorance is on full blast.
Perfect example:
Oh, Billy Johnston…may this be a lesson to you.
Even if your points were valid and logical, your lack of
correct grammar & foul language completely take away
from anything that you say. I passed you off as ignorant
immediately. Ignorance gets you nowhere.

According to forms of social media, lowered gas prices
would make Barack Obama a hero…not the fact that he gave the
green light on an operation that killed a man who
is responsible for the worst attack on our country that
we’ve ever seen, and the deaths of innocent citizens on 9/11.
Not to mention the countless deaths of our soldiers over
there fighting for this very day, and the soldiers who
will remain there because this is far from over.
Let’s focus on what’s really important here…
Let’s rejoice that the mastermind behind 9/11 is dead.
But let’s keep off the street lamps/lights & refrain
from dancing in the streets…When Al Qaeda
hijacked our planes and killed thousands of innocent Americans,
they were celebrating much the way the we were the other day.
We’re proving yet again, that we’re not the best.
We’re better than that.
Thanks to Miss Cat Carty sharing this,
“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness – only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate – only love can do that.” – MLK Jr

Today, I’m grateful that Jimmy & Tony, two of my best friends
who have been serving our country since they graduated
high school, are home. They are safe.
…And they are appreciated for being braver than the
Next Up:
I have decided to go next summer
rather than this summer.
I’m really bummed, but I really backed myself into a corner
with the amount of things I have to do before I go.
Not to mention that this semester has kicked my ass and I had
to stop booking jobs so that I could focus on school…
I want to be stress free when I go.
Also, now that I have a year to plan & save,
I plan on traveling not only to Ireland for July…
but to take the entire month of June and travel Europe first.
If anyone is interested in going, I’m open to having a travel buddy.
Lord knows that I’m terrified of being kidnapped and sold
into some sex trafficking ring.
Yep, I’ve seen one too many movies.
So, no Ireland for me this summer…plus, I know A LOT of
people who are going there this year…I’d rather go
next year and have a fresh take on the beautiful country.
I’m homesick for my Michigan boys & bad decision making.
10 days is the current countdown until we’re reunited.
I haven’t seen all of them in months.
Looooong months.
At some point we’re all going to have to pick a city to live in
and all live there. We’re split up between Tennessee, Chicago
& Michigan….I can’t live like this.
I need to start preparing my SoCal plea…
10 days until I meet one of their new girlfriends…
I think everyone will be surprised to see that this no
longer requires a warning.
I’m always going to be protective of them, but I am actually
looking forward to them meeting wonderful girls.
I’m trying to be less concerned about their motives
and more concerned about the boys’ happiness.
…at least at first!
I just want the best for them is all.
I’m pretty sure that sometimes they don’t give themselves
enough credit for how wonderful they are.
I consider myself their reminder :)
some photos of my weekend with my Grandparents.
The. Best. Weekend. Ever.
The beach used to be full of these things (a castle, a whale, etc.)
My brothers & I have spent countless hours playing
on these our entire lives….and this is the only one left.
Our family crest. I dig it.
My Grandpa telling us how it really is & Polish Kielbasa.
One of my fave foods ever.
My beautiful Grandmother…
She was worried that her cheeks weren’t rosy
enough for a photograph.
They are two of the most incredible people you’d ever meet.
I will be collaborating with a local woman in their town
to gather all of their stories so that they can be turned into
a book. It would blow your mind.
I’m looking forward to working on this with her because I believe
that this is a story as unique and shocking
and should be heard.



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