Nothing extraordinary to say on this fine Spring day…

Today, I’m exhausted.
I just yawned for the 50th time.
My body is aching from the neck down.
Jess & I joined a workout program
called The Bar Method.
aka: you give us your money, and we kick your
ass and exhaust every muscle in your
body 3-5 days a week.
Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to be active
again and to have the motivation to start
taking better care of myself…but DAMN.
This place is no joke.
By the time you walk out, you ache
in places that you didn’t know existed.
This new regimen has brought on some unpleasant
thoughts regarding my eating habits.
They’re bad. Really bad.
Too many carbs.
Too much butter.
Too much take-out.
Too much grease.
…and worst of all,
too many doughnuts.
Thank God my social drinking habits
have withered down to basically nothing.
So, I’m giving up soda again.
I did it for 3 years, I will do it again.
I’m also doing the unthinkable.
I’m giving up doughnuts.
Yes, I’m completely serious.
Goodbye, my vanilla frosted sprinkled friend.
It’s a sad, sad day.
But hooray for good health, right?

Had a really good critique in class yesterday.
I’m feeling refreshed & inspired.
…I’m feeling a bit frustrated too, but
that will subside.
Looking forward to shooting some more
4×5’s this week & weekend.
On another note, my professor had an interesting
shirt on yesterday.
Very festive.
He let me take a photo.
This is now the wallpaper
on my phone…
Mondays are always interesting…
What shirt might he be wearing?
Will he have a fully grown beard?
Will he have forgotten his glasses?
It’s quite hysterical.
He is extremely talented and full of knowledge though.
It’s safe to say that even when he pisses me off,
I know that his opinions are legit
and should be considered.
My iPhone gets more & more magical
everyday. I downloaded Kindle, so now I can read
my books right from my phone on the go.
This new camera app I downloaded
gives me wider angle lens…
and let’s me choose my DOF.
I appreciate this, because DOF is my
specialty. I take pride in the skills
that I have mastered over the past few years in
regards to my points of focus.
[DOF- Depth of Field.]
Although I’m not a fan of our cats at all,
I did wake up to her gorgeous yet bratty
face, and decided to give it a whirl.
Yep, she’s pretty, but don’t be fooled my friends.
This cat is brattier than a 6 year old princess,
has fewer manners than a toddler, and has
the attitude of a needy housewife.
Not to mention that she has zero regard for
anyone or anything except herself.
Okay, who am I kidding? She’s a typical cat.
Cats should be wild animals.
Free to roam the Earth and keep to themselves
and do cat things.
What they shouldn’t be, is part of a BOGO sale
at a Humane Society where animal lovers
such as myself go/volunteer.
[BOGO- Buy One, Get one.]
Like it was humanly possible
for me to walk out of there without 2 cats in tote.
Almost 3!
The people who do the marketing for
Humane Societies also have a degree
in The Manipulation of Human Emotions.
Now I live under the same roof with two cats…
One, whom I’m pretty sure is plotting my death.
(Sammi, above in the photo.)
And another, whom I’m starting
to believe I’m allergic to and who also
favors Marty.
I love dogs.
“Where da fuck is mah coat hanger?”
This is my favorite place in the entire school.
I’ve seen it a 1,000+ times and it still makes
me giggle everytime I see it.
The coat hanger was missing for a long
time last year if you hadn’t already guessed.
And lastly, another part of our new apt:
Magnetic paint-don’t waste your money.
It’s good for holding up magnets,
not so good at holding things up WITH magnets.
This is our snail mail/momento wall.
I love adding to it.
So feel free to keep sending cards & such.
Cool magnets are fun too.
When I get homesick, I just turn around on the couch
and get my friend/family fix.
Thought of the day:
Roasted Garlic Couscous tastes the way
dry cat food smells.



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