Hugga Duck.



First BBQ of 2011.
…I could eat charred chicken doused in BBQ sauce
every single day.

I just got this t-shirt at a Chicago thrift store…
I’ve worn it for the past 3 days straight.
I have no intentions of taking it
off until Marty goes thrifting with me again tomorrow
so that I can load up on random
t-shirts that cost me $1.00
There’s a good chance that I won’t be seen in anything
but thrift store t-shirts for a long time.
I wonder if anyone has ever gotten their hands
on one of my t-shirts and can’t get enough
of it? I’m a t-shirt junkie, it’s more than likely
I’ve lost one somewhere along the way.
I will be thrifting frequently.
The ones in Chicago are superb.
I found a stove top popcorn maker for $5!
I can’t wait to get poppin.

Craziest Chicago store basement.
Full of everything vintage you’d ever imagine.
Plaid pants.
Parachute pants.
Dresses with the biggest bows you’ve ever seen.
Fringe. Oh, the fringe.
Blazers of every color imaginable.
New goal: break in the new apartment
with a little get together…require that all guests
show up dressed like they’re ready to time travel.
If only I had been in my 20’s in the 60’s.

I have a ridiculous weakness for glasses.
They are far too big for my face, but they
were only $8.
Marty is puzzled at how I have no problem
wearing fake glasses, but its like pulling
teeth to get me to wear my real ones.
What’s the fun in that?
I love that Marty can’t take me seriously in these.
I was resting my head on his shoulder yesterday,
and he must have forgotten I was wearing them, and
when I asked him a question, he looked at me
and burst out in laughter.
I loved it.
He makes me laugh ALL DAY LONG. Literally.
So I really love when I get the chance to
return the favor of laughter.
My niece is growing up too fast.
She’s going to be one next month.
It looks like she’s going to start walking soon.
Her laugh melts my heart.
Her bright blue eyes are enchanting.
You can already tell that she’s not going to be a prissy
little girl. She walks in her car walker
at a blazing speed. I think she may have even drifted
into the kitchen from the foyer.
She’s cool.
I won’t see her again until her 1st birthday,
and I miss her already.
…She loves Vampire Weekend & Jacks Mannequin,
does it get any cooler than that?



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