lie in our graves.

I dig myself into this hole of procrastination
everytime something important comes up.
It’s as if I’m incapable of doing good work if I take
lots of time to do it. I leave myself
48 hours to achieve perfection.
It’s ridiculous.
While I was waiting for my photos to print
I decided it was time to clean out my Bridge
folders and organize them.
I found this old photo I did last year,
chopped it down into a square, and fell in
love with it all over again.
I think it has potential to be in the art show…
I will decide on Sunday.
Speaking of….I’M READY!
I printed everything today, purchased hanging
materials & everything is ready.
I can enjoy what’s happening and
stop stressing about the logistics.
My artist statement is complete.
It’s hard to believe that it took 24 hours
to write 3 sentences.
I’m happy with them though.


I think I’m going to study abroad in Ireland
this summer. The opportunity is here.
It’s for 3 weeks.
Last night I was nervous about the most
ridiculous things while talking about
this with Marty. It’s embarrassing now.
I was scared that I would be alone
for my 26th birthday in another country.
Like I said, ridiculous.
I’d love nothing more than to lay on
the coast of Ireland on my birthday.
Just me, my camera & my iPod.
I think I’m going to do it.
Stayed tuned for updates.
I only have a week to decide.


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