Just when you think…..

BIG weekend.
I survived! Hooray!
Anna & Randy’s went off without a hitch.
It’s one of those rare occasions where I can actually
say that I’m proud of myself for the work I produced.
Photographing a wedding for someone you know
is no easy task my friends. The pressure was on.
I’m so pleased, and I am happy to announce that
the bride, groom, their family & friends seem to be as well.
…And that’s the payoff.
The wedding was beautiful to say the very least.
But the very thing that made it so beautiful was
the clear and obvious love between them, and the family
and friend relationships of the guests.
I’ve never felt so much love in a single room in my entire life.
While photographing weddings is a lot
harder than a lot of people think, it makes our job
easier when you’re working with people who are
so loving and kind.
So to Anna, Randy and their families & friends…
I’m so honored to have been able to capture your wedding day!
It was wonderful working with every single one of you.
My favorite part of the day:

When asked by Father Brian why she was choosing
Randy to spend the rest of her life with…
“…and because I knew that he would be a really great dad.”
Now that my friends, is love.
Congrats to Anna & Randy!

After a night of essentially no sleep, I had more work to do.
I was off to a portrait session for 6 month old baby Parker.
I walked in and he was all smiles, but shortly thereafter
he was no longer my buddy.
In fact, the only person other than his mom that
could make him happy was none other than Marty!
Luckily, we rode to the session together
and he was able to come in and help me…little did
we know that it would be a day saver.
Marty puts on a nice front about not caring too much
for kids (“…they’re so grumpy.) but deep down
I know he loves kids…and I got my own
taste of what Anna said about Randy being a good
dad someday. Oh, how sweet it is.

Immediately following the session we had to
meet Marty’s dad at The Great American Outdoor Show.
He had a booth there to represent his fly fishing rod
company Wanigas Rod Company,
What an interesting experience we had!
To start, I’ll just say that we stood out like a sore
thumb…even with our hoodies & dirty hair.
I laughed hysterically all the way into the arena at all
of the people leaving with new tackle boxes, rods,
and bags of dead fish…oh, and their mullets & camouflage attire.
Carl (Marty’s dad) and his booth stood out
as well. It was spectacular! It was classy, clean,
and the his signs weren’t made of vinyl.
The fact that Carl is an extremely well known
Ann Arbor architect definitely plays a roll in how
his booth looked.

It was really nice to spend some time with him today.
He bought Marty & I hats and he bought me some
goofy fishing lure earrings. I dig them.
I also caught my first fish there today!
How, you ask? Brace yourselves.
They had a huge pond in there!
And when I say pond, I really mean a giant vinyl pool
with rainbow trout swimming in it, fishing poles
around the edges and a $3 ticket for 5 mins of
“fishing.” I told Marty to get another
$3 ready becase I was going to need 10 minutes.
Wrong. Marty put a corn kernel on my hook, I
dropped it in the water and within 10 seconds
I caught my first fish!

I was ecstatic,
and then terrified. I think fish are gross.
There it is, I said it. I hate bugs, and I hate fish.
I’m THAT girl.
Underneath my loathing for some girls because
they have a tendency to be so generic and typical,
it is out in the open…I can and prefer to hang with the
guys until bugs and fish are involved.
(…And ladies, don’t act some of you don’t feel the same.
And if you don’t, it’s because you’re one of them.)

Lastly, I was told by some lovely great great friends of
mine that they believe I need to write a book.
This is probably the 1,00th time I’ve been
told this. So you know what, I’m gonna!
Of course, I have no idea where to start,
or exactly how to do it but damn it, I’m gonna
find out. And when I strike it rich,
I’m taking you all with me!


One thought on “Just when you think…..

  1. Your description of our day was perfect! I am so happy that we are still such good friends, and it meant so much to me that you were part of it. I love you, and you are an amazing artist!

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