I have first day jitters!

How ridiculous is that?
My alarm has been going off at 7:30am everyday over
winter break, only this time I will have to actually answer to it
rather than hitting the snooze or dismiss.
5 weeks later, I will welcome some order back into my life.
In about a week I will surely long for my plan-less days.
I hope I don’t forget about the life of my plant
once my workload triples…

I’ve straightened my hair only a couple times during this break.
I have been self-conscience about my natural hair
my entire life but I have grown to love it.
Example A.
Oh yes. That just happened.
While testing some bounce flash techniques, I ended up
with a nice senior portrait-like photo of my
natural hair.
This is what happens when your boyfriend, who also
plays the role of model is unavailable for photo tests.
It looks as ridiculous as I feel while doing it. Trust.
I am pretty sure my neighbor across the street
saw this whole process go down. He probably thinks
that I am completely narcissistic.
This is the name of the game people.
Every professor hammers it into our brains that we ourselves
are the perfect model for technique testing. It just so happens that
I hate having my photo taken so this doesn’t always work
out so well. BUT, I am actually kind of fond of the photos
that came out of this bounce test…but I think it has something,
or everything to do with the off-the-shoulder shirt.
It makes me feel pretty. I happen to love my left shoulder.
The right one too.
…Is that narcissistic?


So, business chat time:
One of my oldest friends is getting married in two days.
I’m her photographer.
I am very nervous.
And very excited.
This is the best combination of emotions when I am
working. The excitement gets my creative wheels spinning,
and the nerves keep me focused and on my toes.
They are a beautiful couple so my job will be a piece
of cake in that respect.
When we were kids, we had our own little circle
of friends…we were a completely dysfunctional group
of people. Every week we’d pick a different person to
be mad at…That person had to sit at a different lunch
table. It’s quite hilarious….NOW. Ha!
She is the first of this group to get married,
and I am so completely honored to have the duty
of documenting the day photographically.
I’ll post some previews Sunday evening :)

Congratulations (in advance) to Anna & Randy!
May your life together be full of happiness,
adventure, spontaneity & love.



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