The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.

The attempt of one New Years resolution is under way:

To be more organized.
For me, this is going to be no easy feat.
I procrastinate and I am completely unorganized.
Although this has worked in my favor for most of my life,
unfortunately, it just isn’t feasible anymore. I found this cute chic
little calendar that I can take everywhere
with me…I already screwed it up (as you can see in the photo.)
Why would they have us enter the dates ourselves, come on!
There was no way that I was going to enter the
dates in flawlessly. Just not going to happen.
I suppose it wouldn’t be right if there
wasn’t scratched out mistakes. Story of my life :)

It is nice to look in a book that directly
signifies a clean slate.
All the boxes are clear…ready for jobs to be marked down,
reminders etc.Looking forward to adding things throughout
this year, because I just know that its going to be a crazy one.

Notice : January 20 (tomorrow!!!!) is when I will receive
my password to be able to get Dispatch pre-sale
tickets for their 6 city summer tour.
I can’t hardly wait!


PS! Today is my half birthday!
Happy 1/2 Birthday to ME! :)


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