Go Where You’ve Never Been…Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

So I bought these new books…
It all started with this book called “She,” it’s a compilation of quotes about the woman.
Appreciating each other and ourselves. It’s such a gem. But once I got to the end, I needed more.
So I looked up the creator and found that he had more. So I ordered all of them.
Soul Happy <—get it?
The Little Things
Live Good
Once we have a coffee table that isn’t small & wobbly, they’ll be perfect to sit on there.
I was going to buy them brand new on Amazon, but they were $.01 used.
…And I like the idea that they are slightly dirty, beat up and used because I like to imagine
that the previous owners couldn’t get enough of them…and that they were a source of
inspiration and comfort to them…and now they have passed them onto me…….weird? Maybe.

My plant is growing at a speed that I’ve never seen…

I am awaiting it to bloom….it’s oddly thrilling to watch it.
I can’t wait to see what it will look like when it does.
It’s beginning to weeble wobble because it’s getting too tall. It looks like
we may need to tie it to ensure that it doesn’t stop growing because it’s

My 5 week break from school has been such a blessing.
I forgot what it was like to really need that kind of break.
I’m recovered and ready for the next semester…I think I may have overdid it
during registration for this semester, but we shall see.

Lots of jobs coming up! It’s already looking like it’s going to be a wild year
for business. While I do love making money doing something that I’m so passionate
about, I also really lovelovelove being part of other people’s special memories.
It’s really something special, and its really fulfilling.

2011 has really started out on a really great foot….
There is one girl in my life who I adore more than words could ever describe…
She truly is my soul sister. And she gave birth to her son this week, and I got
to be there. I had to drive 6 and a half hours in this winters worst snow
storm to get there, but I made it. And it was more than worth all of the
risk in driving in that weather.
Roman Charles Stubbe was born January 12.
I am so proud of Brooke for being so strong, and so brave.
She’s going to be the most wonderful mother, and Shane is going
to be a lovely father…..I am so excited for them :)










I’ll end this with a simple rant:
We didn’t get any fortune cookies with our chinese. Grrr.


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