Color me with the troubles of chaos.

After a seemingly never ending semester, I can come up for air.
For the next 5 weeks I can do whatever suits my fancy.
Like, toying with my polaroid cameras for some new inspiration…or my homemade pinhole….
Or taking up a new hobby of some sort. Something. Anything.
Marty says I think too much….and I think he’s right.
I’m thrilled to have time to switch roles for a few weeks…
cook him dinner, do the laundry and such.
And I think I’m going to take mid-day naps because I miss them.

It’s time for us to start thinking about our new apartment.
Our lease is up in Feb. We recently decided that Portland, Oregon
is on the list of places to move when we graduate…this whole idea
makes picking a new place in Chicago difficult because once it was discussed,
I had already moved to Portland mentally. I wanted San Francisco.
I’ll always want SF. But Portland was a great compromise.
Marty will get his hiking & backpacking fix while I’ll still get my
big city feel and hustle & bustle that I love. And his brother lives in Portland,
so it’s a win-win choice. Of course, this is still a couple years away, anything
can happen in the meantime, but it’s on the list & this thrills me.
Going back to Ann Arbor or settling in Chicago just don’t seem to do the trick for
us right now…it’ll be an interesting journey to figure out where we’ll go.

But as I said, apartment hunting is underway. I have but one request…
exposed brick in our living room…and a fireplace (even a faux one) if we’re lucky.
And I don’t want to be in a high rise. The cozy streets of Lincoln Park would be lovely.

I started a new painting.
The tree is my poor amateur attempt at a willow tree…which symbolizes
grief. I can’t for the life of me make this tree look even somewhat realistic.
And the colors inside the windows are just colors from a painting that I am
unhappy with and painting over…I am in noway a good painter. But it doesn’t
stop me. I’m still in discovery mode. Van Gogh is probably wishing I would just
put the brushes down already. I have one very successful painting and 4 train wrecks.
Determined to work on them until I am pleased.



I think what it needs is some red….and obviously to do something with that tree
and windows…Hopefully I can figure out what to do with it soon. It makes me anxious.

On a personal note…
I need to start keeping a dream journal. They’ve been very very peculiar lately.
I worry that when I have the time to try and decipher them, they will have been

I stumbled upon this postcard collection my professor from last year made us…
He asked the entire class to pick 3 of their favorite photos from the entire semester
and he made them into postcards for us. We all got one of each…and when
I looked through them today for the first time since I stowed them in a backpack compartment,
I loved them all…So I made a wall collage out of them
this evening…and it completely warmed up the apt…well, part of it.










This cheap little fish eye lens can really be useful for the most random photos.
One day I’ll actually invest in a nice one, mhmmm.

Oh, and I have a dog! Her name is Batman and she’s a Siberian Husky.
Of course, I don’t have time to actually take care of a real dog…this is
a virtual dog…crazy? You bet. Marty bought me a Nintendo DS and a game
called NintenDOGS. I hate video games. A lot. In fact, I can’t stress enough
how much I dislike them, but Marty is a genius for this gift.
It’s helped take my mind off of everything going on, while also curing my
undying want for a puppy. Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds. But it works.

Good riddens…no more folks. :)



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