Panasonic Rant.

I was watching TV with Marty last night and almost fell over when I saw this Panasonic
camera commercial. I have been wanting to make a blog
about this for a long time, but have always decided not to for some reason.
But this commercial reminded me that I believe this kind of mentality
is crap, and I just have to say something.

I get emails ALL THE TIME from people about what camera they should
buy so they can take the same kind of pictures that I and other photographers take.
And I politely give a recommendation and zip my lip.

But I have to add something to that…..
Especially people who have been trained to use a camera.
You can go to Best Buy and spend $800+ on a  big DSLR camera,
go home, turn it on and take your first photo….
and you’ll be disappointed to see that the photo is far less than amazing.
And that’s because you didn’t set your f-stop, shutter speed, ISO and WB according
to the situation you’re trying to photograph.
Point and Shoots are great for this reason alone for people who don’t know
what all those terms mean or how they interact together and balance with one another.
It decides everything for you, which is awesome.
So before you go out and spend all this money on a big camera,
go buy some books, take a class or 2, and realize NOW that you’ll never be
satisfied with an SLR photograph until you know how to capture what
kind of photo you want.
This commercial is CRAP for ending with “You dont have to be a great
photographer to take great photos.”

That was an insult to me and I am sure to other photographers out there
who have spent years being trained, going to school, or practicing the craft.
Photography is taken less seriously in the world of art because of companies like Panasonic
telling customers that anyone can do it.
Because they can’t.
It’s not just about the knowledge of the photographic triangle and all other technical components…
its about the eye for the photo and the passion for the craft.

That’s all for now.

Screw you, Panasonic.


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