I have struggled emenssely to finish my Essence series of self portraits….
I know in my mind what results I want. I have the ideas sketched out, written out, organized…
It’s just that some of them are requring me to go to a dark place.
I’ve lightly touched on that during the first session….but tonight, I pushed myself
to go a little further. I am struggling the most with the anger
aspect. And I think its because I am finally in a good place all around, and
I am fearful of bringing myself back to the negative place to
really convey the emotions….but I will.
I’m slightly scared of how some people will react to the photos…
Not the general public either…the people who have caused the certain emotions.
But Art with a captial “A” is truth.
It’s about self expression while also conveying tangible & relatable emotions to the viewers.
I’d love nothing more than to know that my life experiences, good, bad & really bad, can
somehow be transferred into the medium and be relevant and helpful to someone else.
The objective will be to break down barriers in every session until the ultimate
end results are met.
May God be with me on this journey…and may He be with the people
who will at some point realize that they have been the inspiration
behind the photo(s).

On that note…I am sending myself into seven
hours of sweet oblivion.


The new editions of Essence can be found via this link!/pages/Brittany-Majka-Photography/142502132433215

Updates to my actual website will be made tomorrow.



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