Don’t quit your day job.

This weekend has been given a special name:
The 96 Hour Party.
Marty’s surprise 25th birthday party was incredible.
But it has to be known that this was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
Surprise parties are no joke people. When and if you ever decide to make the attempt,
I’d like to give you some tips.

1. If you can afford it, PAY SOMEONE TO PLAN IT.
2. Plan as far ahead as humanly possible.
3. Expect every worse case scenario and have a backup plan.
4. Have a backup plan for your failed backup plan.
5. Have a third backup plan for the first 2 failed backup plans.
6. Realize that if you’re not a liar, you’ll learn to master the forbidden sin.
7. If you can’t naturally go with the flow of things, this is not something that
you should partake in. You can only control so much and the rest is in the hands of God.

I managed to luck out. The worst thing that happened was that our party bus was a half hour late.
Of course, this was the very last surprise and in the moment it felt
as if the entire plan went to hell, but it was nothing compared to
other aspects that could have went wrong.
The whole lying aspect was the hardest thing for me.
I knew I was doing it for a good reason, but it just didn’t sit well.
I am many things, but a liar isn’t one of them.

In the end, seeing Marty’s face through every single surprise made the whole experience
so much fun.

The very first surprise started with him being blindfolded and being taken to
Burton to pick out a brand new snowboard & boots, followed by our best friends
in Michigan coming in town to celebrate, a surprise dinner with everyone,
his brother flying in from Portland to hang with him, and all the way down
to the party bus picking us up and taking us for a ride of our life.
It was perfect.
After everything he has done for me, this was the very least that I could do for him.

I’ll end my party planning segment by saying that I didn’t miss my calling
for PR type work.


Feeling really focused and driven with new work…I think I am ready to begin
my new project. I’ve been putting it off.
My prof is really pushing me to keep going and not taking breaks
in between and thinking too much about what I’m going to do.
I think he’s right.
Needless to say, I’ll be in the studio as much as possible for awhile.
Can’t wait to post some new work for you guys to see…..

I did take this photo the other day….this isn’t what I’m typically into at all, but there
is something about this photo that I just LOVE.


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