When in d o u b t…

If you ever want to shut people up or cause a general shock among people
you know…take a photo of yourself with no shirt on.
It works.
I’m living proof.

This was an assignment.
My professor wasn’t buying my last ones…
“I don’t want to see happy-go-lucky Brittany.”

Okay, well here is this.
This is me. The real me.
My favorite shorts, my tattoo, hair a mess, my moles that
should have been removed YEARS ago but are still there because I feel some weird
attachment to them. (Or perhaps I am just scared to have a needle for numbing purposes
jammed into my back…) Knives in the back has never
been something I’ve enjoyed.

Anyhow…this photo got no responses on facebook…
which tickled my soul a bit.
It was very much out of left field for anyone who knows me well.
And that’s what makes me love it.
Just the way I like it.
My website has been getting so many great reviews!
Thanks to anyone & everyone who has emailed me about it!
It was months in the making and I am very proud of it.
And thanks to everyone who is throwing business my way!
You all keep a roof over my head, food in my mouth & hope in my heart!



One thought on “When in d o u b t…

  1. this is really cool, i js stumbled onto u and u seem like u rock, just thought u should know :) Its easy to show what everyone wants to see, it REAL when u can show what makes you YOU. It takes alot.

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