Not my cup of t e a

Self Portraits….ehh.


I have never seen or thought of myself as photogenic so I am far from comfortable in front of the camera….
But my professor seems to think that this will be a valuable lesson in the process of finding my voice…

here’s what I came up with…


2 thoughts on “Not my cup of t e a

  1. Brit, it is wonderful to watch you struggle here. It sounds like you’re in good hands… putting yourself in unfamiliar territory …someone urging you past the surface.

    What concerns you?

    • I have just always been far more comfortable behind the camera is all. I have never had a whole lot of self confidence…in fact, I am not so sure that I have any really. So being in front of the camera, and being the subject makes me feel vulnerable and nervous. But I think I have to do it. Not only to gain the confidence I am lacking and to feel comfortable in my own skin for once, but also because I do a lot of portraiture and I think it will help me help others feel more comfortable as well.

      My professor really is a genius. I am so lucky to have been able to take TWO of his classes, because he is the first professor who has ever pushed me to do things outside of my normal box. He is pushing me to test my boundaries and to break down the barriers and walls.

      It’s an interesting journey I’m on right now!

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