And another one bites the d u s t…

It was the summer of….

My first niece blessing the world with her arrival.

BB King

Cubs baseball.

The Majka Lake House.

The Lincoln Park Zoo


Missed Friends.

The Greatest Tee-Shirt ever.

Becoming a Godmother.

Little Brother coming to visit us in Chicago.

One of my best friends getting married.

Chopping the locks off.

Marty’s new s t y l e.

The coolest sunglasses I’ve ever owned.

& Britt painting Chicago red.

Marty’s first Chicago Style Hot Dog.

Our Rooftop Pool.

An amazing visit from Michael.

One of many amazing visits from Tone.

New Amazing Friends.

My 25th Birthday.

Oberon & Mason Jars.

Catching my first bouquet.

Not seeing nearly enough of this lady.

My love for Batman taking a turn into an obsession.

The dream becoming a reality.

Floating down the river.

Marty’s long locks.

Friendships being put to the test and proving to be unbreakable.

Two people trying to conquer the world….
one step at a t i m e.

Until next summer….


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