Come here often?

Wow, I haven’t been here in awhile.

Well, let’s begin with the most important thing that’s happened….

Camille Marie Majka
May 8, 2010 @ 11:07pm
She was the most perfect newborn.
It was incredible to watch my brother become a Father. Words can’t even describe
the moment I watched the nurse hand Cammi to Nick.
We both cried, it was a moment with him that I will never forget.
Cee was so amazing, and so brave through it all.
She was put on this earth to be a Mommy.
Cammi is now 2 months old and perfect as ever. I’ve taken way too many
pictures of her.
Being an Aunt to her is the coolest job ever.

I also got myself a new fun job at the Shedd Aquarium.
I work with really awesome people and get to spend 8 hours a day surrounded by
fun people and animals. Can’t beat that!

My freelancing is taking off like a jet plane.
I never really thought that my photography would be successful before
I graduated from the art institute.
Hard work really does pay off.

School starts back up in September and I can’t wait.
Who would have thought that I’d ever miss being at school?
I’m looking into the possibility of teaching photography
on a college level. It adds a couple more years onto school
but I think it would be a great job later on.

Summer is just now beginning for me…and Marty.
We leave this weekend for our camping trip with the besties!
And the rest of the month is all about my 25th birthday! ha
Should be interesting.

Marty & I are fantastic!
We celebrated our two year anniversary a few weeks ago.
It was great. I’m still so lucky to have someone as wonderful
as him in my life. He’s so supportive and always has my back.
He keeps my head on straight and is a constant reminder that I am deserving
of everything good that’s happening in my life right now.
Chicago is treating us well. We’re hoping to get our one bedroom in the fall…
Living in this studio (even though its large) is rough. As much as we love each other,
we still need our own time and space.

I photographed a beautiful wedding in May…
Congratulations to Phil & Lauren Blasko!
It was an honor to photograph your wedding!

I’m leaving out lots of other stuff because I am lazy…
I will just end with photos.


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