ar i zo na

Vacations are a wonderful thing… I just got back from Arizona. Went there to visit a great friend of mine. It was nice to finally see what she’s been up to. It was hot Hot HOT & I loved it. The scenery looked fake with all of the cactus plants everywhere and the bright blue skies.

Getting there was another story. I literally almost got kicked off the flight from Chicago to Dallas because of the tee shirt I was wearing. It said “Who the ____is Kanye West” and then all hell broke loose. I had the PILOT AND his flight attendants in my face threatening to kick me off the plane! I was shocked. No freedom of speech on American Airlines…or they are just really big fans of Kanye. ha! Other than that, it was a great trip. Can’t wait to go back and visit again!

The grass in this picture…don’t let it fool you. They probably treat that grass like it’s someone’s or their own child.    There is no normal grass in Arizona…And it felt like it could cut your skin open when you touched it. But it was pretty, right?  This is one of the few pictures of myself that I didn’t immediately gasp at…Compliments of the lovely Meg.


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