And so….

Art History Professor says: “Ohhh, the Ides of March is coming! Who knew? Ya’ll, that’s where Caesar got his ass stabbed!”

Welcome to the world of my BFA.

I think I am going to log the ridiculous things he says. Yes, yes I am.

Back to business–My website is up & running officially as of last night! I am so excited. I’ve worked so hard on it. <—–check it out.

I still need to scan my 35mm film photos and get them on there….my favorite work.

So last week, Marty & I went on a little mini city adventure. I hadn’t been to the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) since I was a little kid and I just so happened to stumble upon it while on the hunt for my new external flash. =) How do you stumble upon the world’s second largest building, you ask? Live a day in my shoes. Always completely unaware of where I am. I spend too much time looking at everything that has the potential to be a photograph. It’s almost dangerous. (Sidetracked!!!) Okay, so I stumble upon this monster building and tell Marty to meet me…they have the Sky Deck on the 103rd floor…are you feeling woozy yet? You step inside this glass box that’s just a few inches thick and OFF the side of the building!!! I can’t describe this terrifying yet exhilarating experience any longer…I’ll show you!

Look at how brave I look! I’m so proud of this picture, I actually bought the one they took (obviously) because I wanted proof that I did it! It took me 15 mins to actually get both feet onto the glass, but hey…look how scary that is! Can you blame me?

I saw this poster in the subway and had to photograph it. It says something that I feel everyday. If this doesn’t make you feel all warm & fuzzy….or determined in SOME way, there is something wrong with you.

Updates for family & friends from afar:

Life is grand.

School is hard but worth the stress.

You can smell spring in the air.

…and I kicked an unmentionable 10 year old habit.

(No, not any kind of drug…just a person.)


I love cards in the mail from my Mom & When my Dad calls me Honey Bunny…it makes me forget that I am going to be 25 years old this year & it’s so darn cute.


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