Dirty Laundry.

Life feels like a catastrophic mess right now…and the silly part of that, is that it really isn’t. I have tons of dirty laundry to do and lots of clothes to give to go Good Will, but other than that, everything is in order. It just feels crazy. The months are flying by. It felt like I was excited to say hello to September 1 yesterday…and October 1 is a week away?!?!

My excitement about moving to Chicago for school is now being overshadowed by my nerves. I can’t even pin point what I am nervous about either…Maybe its the impending goodbyes. Or the wondering what I might miss while I’m gone…Or maybe I’m just used to the same routine I’ve been in for 7 years and that will all be changing in an instant.  My life will do a 180 on January 28. Priorities change…school becomes #1 again. I still find comfort in the fact that Marty & I will be doing this together…He says that I am the drive in him that makes him want more, but what he may not realize, is that he too is the drive in me. <3


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