I am SO SICK of hearing about Haiti.

Do I have sympathy for the people who are suffering and injured? Yes. Am I sad for the families who have lost loved ones? Absolutely. But I also feel awful for the 78 year old woman who hides in the Empire Chinese restaurant down the street because its freezing outside and her jacket is shredded and the soles of her shoes are worn down so much that her toes stick out. I don’t feel bad for everyone who is homeless, jobless and hungry. It’s not realistic.

We are quick to gather money for every country except our own. Why isn’t George Clooney having a telethon to raise money for our homeless? Or for people who lost their jobs due to the collapse of our economy? When is our country going to start focusing more on its own people. We’re a stand up country…We swoop right in when tragedy strikes other countries, but we look like fools when we raise and give millions & billions of dollars to other countries when we still have unsolved problems of our own.

America & George Clooney- get your shit together. Please & Thank You.


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