I would like to retract any previous notions of being “from Chicago.” I am from the suburbs of Chicago…I am a lost soul in this large  beautiful city.  I have no idea how to get around here. I just had my first two experiences on the “L”…they are color coordinated. I have so far been on the Red Line and the Green Line…and will continue to document each one as I go. They aren’t nearly as scary as I thought. Confusing? Absolutely. I am just beginning to get comfortable with the surrounding area of our apartment. As far as anything else goes, I need Marty’s help in guiding me around. He has a profound understanding for North South East & West…and then there is me…”Wait, where is the lake?” I’m such a mess. It will be a long time before I have a full understanding. It doesn’t help that its so cold that I generally keep my face in my jacket/scarf. I only look up at street corners to see what’s around. I think it will be easier to figure things out when summer comes and I don’t have to block the wind/snow/rain from getting into my eyes.


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