Sweet Home C h i c a g o

Well, we did it. We’re official Chicago residents. For the most part, we are pretty much unpacked and settled. Pictures are going on the walls today to finish up. Its amazing. Our studio apartment is actually more spacious than our house in Ypsi.  I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of claustrophobia I felt.

The city is even more beautiful when you’re living in it. We’re on the 15th floor and its amazing. No view of the lake from our floor to ceiling windows, but that will be cured in the summer when we’re lounging at our roof top pool. ;-)

Its colder than I remembered. The Wind here really does steal your soul and it has no mercy. You find yourself relieved when the snow is falling down rather than sideways…and that only happens for about 30 seconds every once in awhile. It’s noisy and I like it. You can hear every car that drives by. Even from our floor you can hear people walking their dogs on the sidewalks if you have the window open. It’s busy and I like that too. I saw hundreds of things I want to photograph the first time I looked out of our windows. It’s like having a new canvas.

Marty is on his first solo adventure to find a Chase Bank…He didn’t wear a scarf…I hope he isn’t too cold out there.

Job hunting begins tomorrow. I thought about taking a week or so just to have fun and relax but I find myself worrying too much financially so I will be heading out tomorrow to find something. School starts at the end of next month..I can’t wait.


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