It was the Summer of….


My First Rascal Flatts Concert.

Nights we’d go out randomly with funky wigs.

Hot Summer Days at Mom’s pool.

The awesome fish eye camera Marty bought me.

Scorching days at the beach with my bests.

Goofy Sunglasses and “Live Long & Prosper!”

Marty & I moving in together.

dscf3577Visits from Meg

Becoming a Wino.

My perfect 24th Birthday.

dscf2390The Hardest Goodbye.
R.I.P. Papa Shawn


IMG_4851Marty dressed up as Tina Turner.

IMG_4459Photographing my first car show.

DSCF3640Getting accepted into the Art Institute of Chicago.

of=50,590,442_60Pool Basketball.

of=50,590,442_36Marty & Ben saving a frog.

DSCF2509My Photography Debut.

dscn0194Danny [Dew]’s Smile.

dsc01151The Hoola-Hoop

l_d80c00e7efe54705ae4a175b1d95cf9dThe Solstice. (aka: Go-Kart)

dscf2584Anniversary vacation to Miami <3

DSCN0044Sunkissed Tans.

dscf2272BBQ’s with Best Friends.

"Paintball Assault"Paintball Assault.


DSCN0153Blink 182 come-back tour.

dscf3605Always being together.

Until Next Year………..


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