“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” – Ansel Adams

Ohhhhh photography…….

my butt hasn’t been in gear in far too long (few weeks?) 

I am going on the Ann Arbor Photo Walk this weekend.  I am extremely excited about it. They are going to take us to secret places in A2 that you might not normally stumble upon to photograph. Hopefully I get some good shots. Haven’t been proud of a photograph in a couple weeks and it feels unbearable. 

On a high note, I have been getting a lot of photog jobs recently and it feels good. 

My photos that are hanging @ the bar only have about 3 more weeks to be up before someone else takes my place…..It has been so amazing to experience this. The owner has asked me to hang again after the next 2 people and that made me so incredibly happy. Although it is definitely weird seeing your work on display, its also very rewarding. I will always remain humble and modest of such experiences, but its a wonderful way to boost the confidence level. =)

I have just about everything ready to send into the Art Institute of Chicago….soon I’ll just be waiting for the guts to actually put it all in the mail………please be crossing your fingers for me. =)


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